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Indiana University Bloomington

Anne PrietoAnne L. Prieto

Professor, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Office: MSB2 222

Phone: 812/ 855-4642

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1985 Licentiate, Biochemistry. Pontificia Universidad
Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile.
1992 Ph.D., Biology. The Rockefeller University, New York, NY.
Postdoctoral Studies, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA


We are interested in identifying cellular and molecular components driving the development of the nervous system and also the identification of molecular mechanisms underlying higher brain function. Within this framework our primary focus is the functional characterization of receptor protein tyrosine kinases (RPTKs) and their signaling properties in glia and neurons.

Representative Publications

Prieto, A.L., Weber, J.L, Tracy, S., Heeb, M.J, Lai, C. (1999) Gas6, a ligand for the receptor protein-tyrosine kinase Tyro-3, is widely expressed in the central nervous system. Brain Res. 816, 646-661.

Prieto, A.L., Weber, J.L, Lai, C. (2000). Expression of the receptor-protein tyrosine kinases Tyro-3, Axl and Mer in the developing rat central nervous system. J. Comp. Neurol. 425, 295-314.

Hall, M.O., Prieto, A.L., Obin, M.S, Abrams, T.A., Burgess, B.L., Heeb, M.J., Agnew, B.J. (2001). Outer segment phagocytosis by cultured retinal pigment epithelial cells requires Gas6. Exp. Eye Res. 73, 509-520.

Hall, M.O., Obin, M.S, Prieto, A.L., Burgess, B.L, Abrams, T.A. (2002). Gas6 binding to photoreceptor outer segments requires ã-carboxyglutamic acid (gla) and Ca2+ and is required for the OS phagocytosis by RPE cells in vitro. Exp. Eye Res. 75, 391-400.

Rimer, M., Prieto, A.L, Weber, J.L, Colasante, C. Ponomareva, O. Fromm, L., Schwab, M.H., Lai, C., Burden, S. (2004). Neuregulin-2 is synthesized by motor neurons and terminal Schwann cells, and activates acetylcholine receptor transcription in muscle cells expressing ErbB4. Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 26, 271-281.

Conroy, S.M., Nguyen, V., Quina, L.A., Blakely-Gonzales, P., Ur, C., Netzeband, J.G., Prieto, A.L., Gruol, D. (2004). Interleukin-6 produces neuronal loss in developing cerebellar granule neuron cultures. J. Neuroimmunol. 155, 43-54.

Prieto, A.L., O’Dell, S., Varnum, B., Lai, C (2007). Localization and signaling of the receptor protein tyrosine kinase Tyro-3 in cortical and hippocampal neurons. Neuroscience 150, 319-334.

Rimmerman, N., Hughes, H.V., Bradshaw, .H.B., Pazos, M.X., Mackie, K., Prieto, A.L., Walker, J.M.. (2008) Compartimentalization of endocannabinoids into lipid rafts in a dorsal root ganglion cell line. Brit. J of Pharma. 153, 380-389.

Tang, A., Jackson, D., Hobbs, J, Chen, W, Smith, J.L., Patel, H, Prieto, A., Petrusca, D., Grivich, M.I, Sher, A., Hottowy, P., Dabrowsky, W., Litke, A.M, Beggs, J.M. (2008) A maximum entropy model applied to spatial and temporal correlations from cortical networks in vitro. J Neurosci. 28 (2), 505-518.

Binder, M.D., Cate, H.S., Prieto, A.L., Kemper, D., Butzkueven, H., Gresle, M.M., Cipriani, T., Jokubaitis, V.G., Carmeliet, P., Kilpatrick, T.J. (2008) Gas6 deficiency increases oligodendrocyte loss and microglial activation in response to cuprizone–induced demyelination. J. Neurosci. 28, 5195-5206.

Rimmerman, N., Bradshaw, H.B., Hughes, H.V., Chen, J.S-C., Shu-Jung Hu, S,. McHugh, D., Vefring, E., Jahnsen, J.A, Thompson, E.L., Masuda, K., Cravatt, B.F., Burstein, S., Vasko, M.R., O’Dell, D.K, Prieto, A.L., Walker, J.M. (2008) N-palmitoyl glycine, a novel endogenous lipid that acts as a modulator of calcium efflux and nitric oxide production in sensory neurons. Mol. Pharmacol. 74, 213-224.

Brown, J., Pazos, M.X., Lai, C., Prieto, A.L. (2009). Signaling and proliferative functions of Tyro3 and its heterodimerization with Axl in Rat2 cells. Oncogene. In revision.