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Indiana University Bloomington

James ReillyJames P. Reilly

Professor, Chemistry

Office: Chemistry C231A

Phone: 812/855-1980

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A.B., Chemistry, Princeton University, 1972
PhD Physical Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1977
Postdoctoral Fellow, Max-Planck, 1978


Bacteria fingerprinting and proteomics by mass spectrometry; analysis of bacterial ribosomes; development of novel mass spectrometric techniques.

Representative Publications

  1. W. Running and J.P. Reilly, “Ribosomal proteins of Deinococcus radiodurans: their solvent accessibility and reactivity”, J. Proteome Res., 8, 1228–1246, (2009).
  2. J.P. Reilly, “Ultraviolet photofragmentation of biomolecular ions”, Mass Spectrometry Reviews. 28, 425-447 (2009).
  3. L. Zhang and J.P. Reilly, “Extracting both peptide sequence and glycan structural information by 157 nm photodissociation of N-linked glycopeptides”, J. Proteome Res. 8, 734-743 (2009).
  4. T-Y. Kim, J. Schwartz, and J.P. Reilly, “Development of a linear ion trap/orthogonal time-of-flight mass spectrometer for Time-Dependent Observation of Product Ions by Ultraviolet Photodissociation of Peptide Ions”, Analytical Chemistry, 81, 8809-8817, (2009).
  5. L. Zhang, and J.P. Reilly, “Peptide Photodissociation with 157nm Light in a Commercial Tandem time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer”, Analytical Chemistry, 81, 7829-7838 (2009).
  6. T-Y. Kim and J.P. Reilly, “Time-Resolved Observation of Product Ions Generated by 157 nm Photodissociation of Singly Protonated Phosphopeptides”, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 20, 2334-2341, (2009).
  7. T-Y. Kim and J.P. Reilly, “Gas-Phase Conformation-Specific Photofragmentation of Proline-Containing Peptides”, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 21, 1455-1465, (2010).
  8. X. Liu and J.P. Reilly, “Correlating the chemical modification of Escherichia coli ribosomal proteins with crystal structure data”, Journal of Proteome Research, 8, 4466-4478 (2009). 
  9. L. Zhang, and J.P. Reilly, “Radical driven dissociation of odd-electron peptide radical ions produced in 157 nm photodissociation”, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 20, 1378-1390 (2009).
  10. M.A. Lauber, W.E. Running and J.P. Reilly, “B. subtilis ribosomal proteins:  structural homology, post-translational modifications, and genome sequencing errors”, J. Proteome Res.8, 4193–4206 (2009).
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  14. L. Zhang and J.P. Reilly, “De Novo Sequencing of Tryptic Peptides Derived from Deinococcus radiodurans Ribosomal Proteins Using 157 nm Photodissociation MALDI TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometry”, Journal of Proteome Research, 9, 3025-3034, (2010).
  15. W. Running and J.P. Reilly, “Variation of the Chemical Reactivity of Thermus thermophilus HB8 Ribosomal Proteins as a function of pH”, Proteomics, 10, 3669-3687, (2010).
  16. M. A. Lauber and J.P. Reilly, “A Novel Amidinating Cross-linker for Facilitating Analyses of Protein Structures and Interactions”, Analytical Chemistry, 82, 7736-7743, (2010).
  17. B. C. Bohrer, Y. F. Li, J. P. Reilly, D. E. Clemmer, R. D. DiMarchi, P. Radivojac, H. Tang, and R. J. Arnold, “Combinatorial Libraries of Synthetic Peptides as a Model for Shotgun Proteomics”, Analytical Chemistry, 82, 6559-6568, (2010).
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  19. M. Lauber and J.P. Reilly, “Structural Analysis of a Prokaryotic Ribosome Using a Novel Amidinating Cross-Linker and Mass Spectrometry”, Journal of Proteome Research, Accepted, (2011).