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Indiana University Bloomington

Sid ShawSidney L. Shaw

Associate Professor, Biology

Office: Myers Hall 354

Phone: 812/ 856-5001

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Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1996
Postdoctoral and Research Fellow, Stanford University, 2005


Microtubule dynamics and cellular morphogenesis in Arabidopsis .

Representative Publications

Claire E. Walczak, Rania S. Rizk, and Sidney L. Shaw. 2010.  The use of fluorescence redistribution after photobleaching for analysis of cellular microtubule dynamics. Methods in Cell Biology 97:35-52.

Li-Shen Wu and Sidney Shaw.  2010. A Hypothesis Testing Approach For Fluorescent Blob
Identification.  In Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) (Peer reviewed proceedings, ISBN: 978-0-7695-4109-9)

Claire Walczak  and Sidney L. Shaw.  2010. (Perspective) A MAP for bundling microtubules. 
Cell 142:364-367.

Sidney L. Shaw and Jessica Lucas.  2010.  Intrabundle microtubule dynamics in the Arabidopsis cortical array. Cytoskeleton 68: 56–67.

Shantia Yarahmadian, Blake Barker, Kevin Zumbrun, and Sidney L. Shaw. 2010  Existence and stability of steady states of a reaction convection diffusion equation modeling microtubule formation.  Journal of Mathematical Biology 63:459-492.

Jessica E. Hornick, Christopher C. Mader, Emily K. Tribble, Cydney C. Bagne,
Kevin T. Vaughan, Sidney L. Shaw, and Edward H. Hinchcliffe.  2011 Mitotic spindle assembly in vertebrate cells: The separation of themicrotubule- organizing center at the G2/M transition does not require centrosomes. Current Biology 21:1-8.

Jessica R. Lucas, Stephanie Courtney, Mathew Hassfurder, Sonia Dhingra, Adam Bryant, and Sidney L. Shaw. 2011  Microtubule-associated proteinsMAP65-1 and MAP65-2 positively regulate axial cell growth in etiolated Arabidopsis hypocotyls. The Plant Cell 23:1876-1888.

Marcio Mourao, Santiago Schnell, and Sidney L. Shaw.  2011.  Macroscopic simulations of microtubule dynamics predict two steady-state processes governing array morphology. Computational Biology and Chemistry 35(5):269-281.

Lesley N. Weaver, Stephanie C. Ems-McClung, Jane R. Stout, Chantal LeBlanc, Sidney L. Shaw, Melissa K. Gardner, and Claire E. Walczak.  2011.  Kif18A Utilizes a Microtubule Binding Site in the Tail for Plus-end Localization and Spindle Length Regulation.  Current Biology 21(17):1500-1506.

Jessica R. Lucas and Sidney L. Shaw. 2012  MAP65-1 and MAP65-2 promote cell proliferation and axial growth in Arabidopsis roots. Plant Journal 71(3):443-453.

Sidney L. Shaw. 2012 (Commentary)  The cell wall is a real drag.  PNAS 109(31):12274-12275.

Sarah Guttenplan, Sidney L. Shaw, and Daniel B. Kearns. 2013  The cell biology of peritrichous flagella in Bacillus subtilisMolecular Microbiology 87(1):211-229.

Laura Vineyard, Andrew Elliott, Sonia Dhingra, Jessica R. Lucas, and Sidney L. Shaw.  2013  Progressive transverse microtubule array organization in hormone-induced Arabidopsis hypocotyl cells.  The Plant Cell 25(2):662-676

Sidney L. Shaw and David W. Ehrhardt.  2013  Smaller, Faster, Brighter: Advances in Optical Imaging of Living Plant Cells.  Annual Review of Plant Biology 64(32):351-375

Sidney L. Shaw and Edward Hinchliffe. 2013  65,000 Shades of Gray. Use of Digital Image Files in Light Microsopy.  Methods in Cell Biology (in press)