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Indiana University Bloomington

Jeff ZaleskiJeffrey M. Zaleski

Professor, Chemistry

Office: Chemistry C263C

Phone: 812 855-2134

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B.S. degree SUNY at Geneseo 1988
Ph.D. Michigan State University 1993
Postdoctoral Fellowship Stanford University


Probing metal ions and catalytic nucleic acids using various ground and excited state spectroscopic methods; Synthesis and mechanistic evaluation of metal-mediated therapeutic agents.

Representative Publications

Metal-Ligand Charge-Transfer-Promoted Photo-Electronic Bergman Cyclization of Copper Metalloenediynes : Photochemical DNA Cleavage via C-4' H-Atom Abstraction, Pedro. J. Benites, Rebecca C. Holmberg, Diwan S. Rawat, H. Holden Thorp, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2003), 125, 6434-6446.

Signal Transduction by the Mediated Global Regulator RegB is by a Redox-active Cysteine, Lee R. Swem, Brian J. Kraft, Danielle L. Swem, Aaron T. Setterdahl, Shinji Masuda, David B. Knaff, Jeffrey M. Zaleski, and Carl E. Bauer, EMBO J., (2003), 22, 4699-4708.

Ambient Temperature Activation of Haloporphyrinic-Enediynes : Electronic Contributions to Bergman Cyclization, Mahendra Nath, John C. Huffman, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2003), 125, 11484-11485.

Geometric and Electronic Control of Thermal Bergman Cyclization, Diwan S. Rawat and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Invited Review for Synlett, edited by P. Vollhardt., (Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc., New York), (2004), 3, 393-421.

A unique approach to metal-induced Bergman cyclization: Long-range enediyne activation by ligand-to-metal charge transfer, Sibaprasad Bhattacharyya, Maren Pink, Mu-Hyun Baik, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Eng., (2005), 44(4), 592-595.

Photochemical Preparation of Pyrrole Ring-contracted Chlorins by the Wolff Rearrangement, Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Tillmann Köpke, and Maren Pink, Org. Biomol. Chem., (2006), 4, 4059-4062.

Elucidation of the Extraordinary 4-membered Pyrrole Ring-contracted Azeteoporphyrinoid as an intermediate in Chlorin Oxidation, Tillmann Köpke, Maren Pink, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Chem. Commun., (2006), 4940-4942.

Convenient, Rapid Synthesis of Ag Nanowires, Linfeng Gou, Mircea Chipara, Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Chem.Mat., (2007 ), 19(7), 1755-1760.

Diazo-containing Molecular Constructs as Potential Anticancer Agents: From Diazo [b]fluorine Natural Products to Photoactivatable Diazo-oxochlorins, Tillmann Köpke and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Anti-cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, (2008), 8(3), 292-304.

Efficient Silver-Mediated Acetalation of ß,ß' -Functionalized Chlorins, Tillmann Köpke, Maren Pink, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, Synlett, (2008), 12, 1882-1888.

Expansion by Contraction: Diversifying the Photochemical Reactivity Scope of Diazo-oxochlorins Toward Development of In Situ Alkylating Agents, Tillmann Köpke, Maren Pink, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, J. Amer. Chem. Soc., (2008), in press.