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Work by biochemists increasingly forms the basis of new techniques and treatments employed by physicians to treat disease; in IU's Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department, our priority area is structural virology and virus assembly.

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Biochemistry Seminar Series

Fridays in CH 033 at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

MCB faculty recruiting seminars will be held in SI 001

To propose a guest speaker, please contact a co-chair of the seminar series:

  • MCB: Prof. Adam Zlotnick
  • Chemistry: Prof. Charles Dann III
  • Biology or Med. Science: Prof. Adam Zlotnick and Prof. Charles Dann III

Fall 2016

Sept 9 Ed Egelman (University of Virginia)"Cryo-EM of Protein Polymers at Near-Atomic Resolution: New Insights into Evolutionary Divergence" Host Daniel Kearns
Sept 16 Inorganic Alumni Symposium
Sept 23 Marc Morais (utmb Health)"Structural and Functional Analysis of a Viral dsDNA Packaging Motor" Host Pranav Danthi
Sept 30 Steve Bell (MIT) "Mechanisms of Eukaryotic DNA Replication Initiation: Single-molecules studies and the impact of nucleosomes" Matt Bochman
Oct 7 Fall Break-Watanabe Symposium on 10/08
Oct 14 Sussane Ressl (Assistant Scientist, MCB Dept., IUB)"Structural Neuroscience of Synapse Organizing C1QL proteins"
Oct 21 Yamuna Krishnan (University of Chicago)"DNA nanodevices to measure protein activity in vivo" Host Pohl Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department.
Oct 28 Christopher am Ende (Pfizer Inc.)"Design and Application of Clickable β- and γ-Secretase Probes for Chemoproteomic Profiling and Mechanism of Action Studies" Host Pohl Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department.
Nov 11 Ailong Ke (Cornell University)"Mechanisms of RNA-based immunity in prokaryotes" Host Dann
Nov 18 Patrick Barth (Baylor University)"Reprogramming membrane protein function by design" Host Jonathan Schlebach
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 2 Tentatively reserved for faculty recruiting
Dec 9 Tentatively reserved for faculty recruiting
Dec 16 Tentatively reserved for faculty recruiting

Spring 2017

Jan 9 at 1:00 PM MCB faculty recruiting: Candy (Wai Kwan) Tang (National Institutes of Health) "Understanding the structure and mechanism of function of AAA+ motors" Host Bauer
Jan 11 at 2:00 PM MCB faculty recruiting: Alex Kintzer (University of California, San Francisco) "Structure and Mechanism of Endolysosomal Ion Channel Signaling Complexes" Host Ressl
Jan 16 at 1:00 PM MCB faculty recruiting: Long Li (Harvard Medical School) "Protein Translocation Channel in Action" Host Dann
Jan 18 at 2:00 PM MCB faculty recruiting: Thomas Tomasiak (University of California, San Francisco) "Greasy gatekeepers - lipid and drug transport and metabolism" Host Schlebach
Jan 30 at 1:00 PM MCB faculty recruiting: Joshua Ziarek (Harvard Medical School) "Deciphering G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signal transduction through solution NMR" Host Giedroc
Feb 3 Jin Wang (Baylor College of Medicine) "Bridging Chemistry and Biology for New Classes of Imaging Probes and Therapeutic Drugs " Host Yan Yu
Feb 10 Gino Cingolani (Thomas Jefferson University) "Structural and evolutionary basis for recognition of the topologically complex Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS)
of Ran exchange factor RCC1"
Host Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Feb 24 Peter Burgers (Washington University, St. Louis) "Ribonucleotides in our genomes: How to get rid of them" Host Bochman
Mar 3 Rick Morimoto (Northwestern University) "The Biology of Proteostasis in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease" Host Lingling Chen
Mar 10 Juan Perilla (Illinois-Urbana Champaign) "Structure and function of the HIV-1 capsid from large-scale modeling and simulation" Host Dragnea
Mar 17 Spring Break
Mar 24 Thomas J. Smith (University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston) "Glutamate dehydrogenase; structure, evolution, insulin, cancer, and a cup of tea" Host Zlotnick
Mar 31 CANCELLED: Karim Labib (University of Dundee) "How to copy a chromosome" Host Steve Bell
Apr 7 Sean Whelan (Harvard Medical School) "Replication machines of non-segmented negative-sense RNA viruses" Host Zlotnick
Apr 14 Heather Pinkett (Northwestern University) "The Selective Gate: The role of ABC Transporters in Nutrient Homeostasis and Pathogenesis" Host Jonathan Schlebach
Apr 21 Cara Pager (SUNY-Albany) "The birth of viral epitransciptomics: RNA viruses modulate the global landscape of RNA modifications during infection" Host Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Apr 28 Fevzi Daldal (University of Pennsylvania) "Biogenesis of Cytochrome c Oxidase: Cofactor Addition and Subunit Assembly" Host Bauer

BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2016:

Aug 24 Matt Bochman and Lingling Chen "BMB basics and reorganization"
Aug 31 Guangming Chen (Dann) "Exploration of the human tyrosyl sulfoproteome"
Sept 7 Giovanni Gonzalez-Gutierrez, PBIF Manager, IU "Structure-function studies of nicotinic-receptor type ion channels"
Sept 14 Jonathan Schlebach, Assistant Professor, IU Chemistry "Mechanistic Basis for the Pathogenic Misfolding of Integral Membrane Proteins"
Sept 21 Jiangyu Yan (Bell) "Identification and Characterization of an Archaeal Heterotrimeric DNA Polymerase Holoenzyme"
Sept 28 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Oct 5 Jon Trinidad (Director of Biological Mass Spectrometry) "Mass Spectrometry as a Tool to Understand Cellular and Molecular Biological Processes"
Oct 12 Chris Shidal (Davis) "Using the multifaceted peptide Lunasin to combat malignant melanoma"
Oct 19 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Oct 26 Hui Peng (Giedroc) "Hydrogen sulfide and reactive sulfur species impact proteome S-sulfhydration and global virulence regulation in Staphylococcus aureus"
Nov 2 Joe Wang (Electron Microscopy Center, IUB) "An introduction to the cryo-EM and its application at IU EMC"
Nov 30 David Dudek (Daleke) "TBA"
Dec 7 Hengyao Niu (Assistant Professor, MCB) "Mechanism of topoisomerase I - catalyzed genomic ribonucleotide removal in yeast"

BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Spring 2017:

Jan 11 Uma Gabale (Research Associate) "Structural and functional analysis of an inner membrane protein, YejM, from Salmonella typhimurium- an essential protein for cell growth and cardiolipin transport"
Jan 18 Canceled
Jan 25 Lye Siang Lee (Zlotnick) "A Molecular Breadboard: removing subunits from and replacing subunits into an HBV capsid"
Feb 8 Sundhar Subramanian (Dann) "Monoclonal antibodies as therapeutics: structural evaluation of folate receptor β targeting"
Feb 22 Ryan Over (Michaels) "Regulation of Flowering Locus C (FLC) by the Arabidopsis mRNA Decapping Complex"
Mar 1 Heidi Schindel (Bauer) "Characterization of the glycyl radical enzyme microcompartment of Rhodobacter capsulatus"
Mar 8 Yen-Pang Hsu (VanNieuwenhze) "Analysis of bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis and dynamics in B. subtilis"
Mar 22 Banu Vuyyuri (Associate Research Scientist: Biotechnology)"Lunasin: A Novel Therapeutic agent against Breast Cancer"
Mar 29 Cody Rogers (Bochman) "Yeast Hrq1 shares structural and functional homology with the disease-linked human RecQ4 helicase"
April 5 Meng Pu (Rowe-Magnus) "Identification of a pilus required for the initiation and maintenance of biofilm formation in Vibrio vulnificus"
April 12 Alan Moore (Mukhopadhyay) "Charge Neutralization and the Role of Cargo in Alphavirus Nucleocapsid Self-Assembly"
April 19 Jiefei Wang (Giedroc) "The response of Acinetobacter baumannii to zinc starvation"
April 26 Kayla Bell (Cochran) "A Novel Interaction of the Yeast Kinesin-5 Cin8"
May 3 Benny Walker (Cochran) "Chromokinesin-10s: Similar cellular function from different ATPase mechanisms"


Upcoming Ph.D. Defense/Upcoming MA Defense/Prelims

Upcoming Ph.D. Defense:

Jan 20 12:00pm MSBII 102 Meredith Krodel (Prieto) “Analysis of the TAM Family Signaling Network: Receptor Interaction and Trafficking”  
May 12 11:00am SI 001 Virginia Smith (Dragnea)“Studies of Model Virus-like Particle as Potential Vector for Molecular Delivery  

Masters Defense:

TBA TBA () "TBA"  


Nov 4 1:30pm SI 001 Jacob Yablonowski (VanNieuwenhze) "Novel Fluorescent Probes for Monitoring Peptidoglycan Synthesis in Live Bacteria"  
Nov 8 2:00pm SI 001 Ryan Chaparian (van Kessel) "Impact of Local and Global Promoter Architecture on the Transcription of Quorum Sensing Genes"  
Nov 9 12:00pm SI 001 Garrett Booher (VanNieuwenhze) "d-Amino Acid Derivatives for Antibiotic Drug Discover"  
Nov 10 2:00pm SI 001 Zhongchao Zhao (Zlotnick) "Characterization and modulation of assembly of the Hepatitis B virus capsid"  
Nov 17 2:00pm SI 001 Allissa Haney (Kehoe) "A Small Genomic Island Conferring Blue-Green Chromatic Acclimation in Marine Synechococcus is Possibly Regulated by Three Transcription Factors"  
Nov 18 11:30am C 127 Archita Agrawal (DiMarchi) "Molecular insights into the structure-function relationships of the endocrine Fibroblast Growth Factors"  
Nov 22 1:00pm SI 001 Chris Schlicksup (Zlotnick) "Cryo-EM Structural Studies of an Antiviral Ligand in Complex with Hepatitis B Virus Capsids"  
Dec 8 9:00am JH 102 James Haley (Mitra) " The Role of ETS1 in Ovarian Cancer Metastasis"  
Mar 21 9:00am SI 101 Lu Ruan (Zlotnick) "Understanding viral capsid assembly based on HAP-resistant mutants"  
April 13 11:00am SI 001 Nijia Ke (Bauer) "Characterization Of The Mechanism By Which RegA Regulates Genes Aerobically"