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Indiana University Bloomington

Work by biochemists increasingly forms the basis of new techniques and treatments employed by physicians to treat disease; in IU's Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department, our priority area is structural virology and virus assembly.

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Biochemistry Seminar Series

Fridays in CH 033 at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

To propose a guest speaker, please contact a co-chair of the seminar series:

  • MCB: Prof. Adam Zlotnick
  • Chemistry: Prof. Charles Dann III
  • Biology or Med. Science: Prof. Adam Zlotnick and Prof. Charles Dann III

Spring 2015

Jan 2 Winter Break
Jan 12
SI 001
Biochemisty Faculty Search - Sheena D'Arcy "Regulating Access to the Genome: Structure and Mechanism of Histone Chaperone Nap1" Host: Pikaard
Jan 14
SI 001
Biochemistry Faculty Search - Karl Duderstadt "Single Replication Machines at Work: The Coordination of Daughter Strand Synthesis" Host: Bell
Jan 23 Jared Shaw (UC-Davis) "Multicomponent Approaches to Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology" Host: Pohl
Feb 2
SI 001
Biochemistry Faculty Search - Jan Erzberger "Unraveling Dynamic Translation Initiation Complexes Using a Hybrid Approach" Host: Bochman
Feb 5
SI 001
Biochemistry Faculty Search - Jinwei Zhang "Gene Regulation Through tRNA-mRNA Recognition—A Tale of Two Intertwined Non-Coding RNAs" Host: Drummond
Feb 27 Amy Caudy (University of Toronto) "Metabolomics for Enzyme Discovery" Host: Pikaard
Mar 6 Ernesto Fuentes (University of Iowa School of Medicine) "Structure, Dynamics and Inhibition of Tiam1 PDZ Domain Complexes" Host: Giedroc *Visit Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department
Mar 20 Spring Break
Mar 27 Floyd Romesberg (The Scripps Research Institute) “A Semi-Synthetic Organism With an Expanded Genetic Alphabet” Host: Thielges *Visit Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department
April 3 Ekaterina Heldwein (Tufts University) "Host Membrane Manipulation by Herpesviruses on the Way Out" Host: Tuli
April 17 Susan Schroeder (University of Oklahoma) "Advancing Viral RNA Structure Prediction" Host: Zlotnick
April 24 Steve Johnson (IUPUI) "Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of Protein Homeostasis Modulators That Target HSP60 Chaperonins" Host: Chen
May 1 Matthew Cordes (University of Arizona) "How Evolution Can Remodel a Protein Fold" Host: Giedroc *Visit Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department

Fall 2015

Aug 28 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Sept 4 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Sept 11 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Sept 18 Lois Pollack (Cornell University) "TBA" Host: Giedroc
Sept 25 Dennis Discher (University of Pennsylvania) "TBA" Host: Yan Yu
Oct 2 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Oct 9 Fall Break-Watanabe Symposium on 10/10
Oct 16 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Oct 23 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Oct 30 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Nov 6 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Nov 13 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Nov 20 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 4 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Dec 11 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA
Dec 18 TBA ()"TBA" Host: TBA


BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:20 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Spring 2015:

Jan 28 Matt Bochman (MCB) "DNA Helicases and Unzipped Genes"
Feb 4 Siobhan Deis (Dann) "Analysis of Antifolate Drugs with Disease Tissue Specificity"
Feb 11 Erkin Kuru (VanNieuwenhze) "Biocontainment of Genetically Modified Organisms by Synthetic Protein Design"
Feb 18 Julia van Kessel (MCB) "A Game of Charades: Quorum-Sensing Regulation in Vibrios"
Feb 25 Mingxu Fang (Bauer) "Characterizing the Regulon of CrtJ/AerR in Rhodobacter Capsulatus"
March 4 Heather Hundley (Biology) "Molecular Mechanisms to Regulate RNA Editing and Diversify the Transcriptome"
Mar 11 Hengyao Niu (MCB) “Interplay Between DNA End Processing and Chromatin Dynamics”
Mar 25 Wan-Hung Lee (Hohmann) "Modeling Pain In Vitro Using Nociceptor Neurons Reprogrammed From Fibroblasts"
April 1 Jiangchuan Shen (Giedroc) "Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide Production is Essential for Dietary Restriction Benefits"
April 8 Yan Yu (IU Chemistry Dept) "Probe and Manipulate Immune Cells with Janus Particles”
April 15 Ali Ozes (Nephew) "Long Non-coding RNA HOTAIR Mediates DNA Damage-induced NF-κB-signaling and Cellular Senescence"
April 22 Vivek Kedage (Hollenhorst) "Mechanisms of Transcriptional Activation by Oncogenic ETS Proteins"
April 29 Meredith Krodel (Prieto) "Function and Signaling Mechanisms Mediated by the Recetpor Tyrosine Kinases, Tyro3 and Axl"

Fall 2015:

Aug 26 Vibhor Mishra (Pikaard) "TBA"
Sept 2 Andrew Elliott (Shaw) "TBA"
Sept 9 TBA () "TBA"
Sept 16 TBA () "TBA"
Sept 23 TBA () "TBA"
Sept 30 TBA () "TBA"
Oct 7 TBA () "TBA"
Oct 14 TBA () "TBA"
Oct 21 TBA () "TBA"
Oct 28 TBA () "TBA"
Nov 4 TBA () "TBA"
Nov 11 TBA () "TBA"
Nov 18 TBA () "TBA"
Dec 2 TBA () "TBA"
Dec 9 Lye siang Lee (Zlotnick) "TBA"


Upcoming Ph.D. Defense/Upcoming MA Defense/Prelims

Upcoming Ph.D. Defense:

Feb 23
CH 033
Sara Brandt (DiMarchi) "Synthesis and Characterization of Insulin Receptor Partial Agonists as a Route to Improved Diabetes Therapy"  
Mar 26
CH 033
Lisa Selzer (Zlotnick) "Biophysical Characterization of Assembly, Stability and Dynamics of the Hepatitis B Virus Capsid"  

Masters Defense:

TBA TBA () "TBA"  


April 21
SI 320E
Meng Pu (Rowe-Magnus) "Identification of a Putative NTPase That Regulates Biofilm Formation in Vibrio Vulnificus"