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Indiana University Bloomington

Work by biochemists increasingly forms the basis of new techniques and treatments employed by physicians to treat disease; in IU's Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department, our priority area is structural virology and virus assembly.

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Biochemistry Seminar Series

Fridays in CH 033 at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

To propose a guest speaker, please contact a co-chair of the seminar series:

  • MCB: Prof. Adam Zlotnick
  • Chemistry: Prof. Charles Dann III
  • Biology or Med. Science: Prof. Adam Zlotnick and Prof. Charles Dann III

Fall 2017

Sept 8 Jared Lewis (The University of Chicago) "Engineering Proteins for Selective Catalysis" Host Silas Cook Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department.
Sept 22 David Giedroc (IUB Chemistry) "Following the Repressor: From Copper Resistance to Hydrogen Sulfide Homeostasis in Bacterial Pathogens" Host Carl Bauer
Sept 29 Inorganic Chemistry Symposium
Sept 30 Watanabe Symposium
Oct 5 Fall Break
Oct 13 Rebecca DuBois (University of California, Santa Cruz) "Structure-guided design of vaccines and therapeutics targeting childhood viruses" Host Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Oct 20 Claire E. Walczak (IUB Med Sci) "Polyploid Cell Divisions and Genome Instability" Host Carl Bauer
Oct 27 Kevin Raney (University of Arkansas) "G-quadruplex DNA can Serve as a Signaling Molecule during Oxidative Stress" Host Matt Bochman
Nov 3 Vincent Racaniello (Columbia University) "Communicating Science" Host Adam Zlotnick & Jolene Ramsey
Nov 10 Michael Niederweis (University of Alabama at Birmingham) "Iron acquisition by Mycobacterium tuberculosis" Host David Giedroc
Nov 17 Cheryl Kerfeld (University of California - Berkeley) "Structure, Function, Assembly and Engineering of Bacterial Microcompartments" Host Carl Bauer
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 8 Matthew Shoulders (MIT: Chemistry Dept.) "Host Proteostasis Modulates RNA Virus Evolution" Host Jonathan Schlebach

Spring 2018

Cryo-EM Faculty Search Seminars

Jan 8 SI 001 at 11:00am
Nami Tajima: Cryo-EM Faculty Search
(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) "Molecular mechanisms of NMDA receptor function and regulation" Host Tuli
Jan 16 SI 001 at 10:00am
Wei Mi: Cryo-EM Faculty Search
(Harvard) "Trap and Flip: Conformational Snapshots and Mechanism of a Lipid Flippase" Host Roger Innes
Feb 14 C 033 at 4:00pm Jean-Paul Armache:Cryo-EM Faculty Search "Structural studies of macromolecules using electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM)" Host Carl Bauer
Feb 20 C 033 at 4:00pm Yuanling Zhai: Cryo-EM Faculty Search "Structure informs function: What can we learn about DNA replication mechanisms from cryo-EM structures of its machines" Host Craig Pikaard

Biochemistry Seminar Series

Jan 26 Gabriel Lander (The Scripps Research Institute) "Investigating the mechanisms of molecular motors using Cryo-EM" Host Adam Zlotnick
Feb 2 Jeff Brodsky (University of Pittsburgh) "Protein Conformational Diseases and Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Degradation: Lessons from Model Organisms and Therapeutic Strategies" Host Lingling Chen
Feb 9 Jeannine Gerhardt (Weill Cornell Medical College) "Discovery of Replication Errors in Repeat Expansion Disorders and Reprogrammed Cells
at Single-Molecule Level
" Host Matt Bochman
Feb 23 Michael Hagan (Brandeis) "Simulating the assembly of viruses and bacterial microcompartments" Host Adam Zlotnick
Mar 2 Michael Weiss (IU School of Medicine) "How insulin binds: from structural biology to novel analog design" Host David Giedroc
Mar 9 Timothy Whitehead (Michigan State) "Programming enzymes by deep sequencing and design" Host Jonathan Schlebach
Mar 23 Xiaolan Zhao (Sloan Kettering) "Elucidating DNA polymerase ε functions by modeling cancer-associated mutations" Hengyao Niu
Mar 30 Josh Wand (University of Pennsylvania) "Protein dynamics, entropy and function" Host David Giedroc
April 6 Grzegorz Ira (Baylor College of Medicine) "Mechanism and regulation of DNA breaks repair" Host Hengyao Niu
April 13 Craig Cameron (The Pennsylvania State University) "Targeting a viral polymerase for antiviral therapy: insight from studies of single molecules and single, infected cells" Host John Patton
April 20 Mark Yeager (University of Virginia) "TBA" Host Adam Zlotnick
April 27 Jie Xiao (The John Hopkins School of Medicine) "TBA" Host David Giedroc Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department.

BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2017:

Sept 13 Hongwei Wu (Chemistry Faculty) "Introduction of high-field MetaCyt BioNMR facilities and its popular applications to structure, function and dynamics under atomic level"
Sept 20 Jiangyu Yan (Bell) "Characterization of the S. solfataricus Primase"
Oct 4 Allissa Haney (Kehoe) "Multiple Photolyases Provide the Main Defense Against UV Radiation in Marine Synechococcus"
Oct 11 Mingxu Fang (Bauer) "Redox and light responses in Rhodobacter capsulatus"
Oct 18 Josh Ziarek (MCB Faculty) "Deciphering G protein-coupled receptor signaling at atomic resolution by NMR spectroscopy"
Oct 25 Malcolm Winkler (Biology Faculty) "Snapshots and Home Movies of the Dynamics of Rotational Movement of Penicillin Binding Proteins (PBPs), FtsZ, and Divisome Proteins in the Superbug Streptococcus pneumoniae"
Nov 1 Jiangchuan Shen (Niu) "RPA enables processive ssDNA digestion by Dna2 via their dual interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
Nov 8 Ryan Chaparian (Van Kessel) "LuxR and Nucleoid-associated Proteins Remodel Promoter Architecture to Modulate Quorum Sensing Gene Expression"
Nov 29 Yen-Pang Hsu (VanNieuwenhze) "Achieving real-time visualization of bacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis and in vitro transpeptidase activities using fluorogenic D-amino acids"
Dec 6 Sebastien Zappa (Bauer) "GmcR, a novel heme binding transcriptional regulator in the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus"
Dec 13 Guangming Chen (Dann) "Distinguishing Sulfotyrosine Containing Peptides from their Phosphotyrosine Counterparts Using Mass Spectrometry"

BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Spring 2018:

Jan 10 Kelly Chacon (Visiting Scholar - Reed) "Decoding a secret handshake: Tracking protein-to-protein Cu(I) transfer by rapid x-ray absorption and intrinsic fluorescence techniques"
Jan 17 Hui Peng (Giedroc) "Sulfide homeostasis and nitroxyl intersect via formation of reactive sulfur species in Staphylococcus aureus"
Jan 24 Jonathan C. Trinidad (Chemistry Faculty) "Mass Spectrometry as a Tool to Understand Protein Interactions, Modifications and Regulation"
Jan 31 Nicholas Pulliam (Nephew) "An Effective Epigenetic-PARP inhibitor Combination Therapy for Ovarian and Breast Cancers Independent of BRCA-mutations"
Feb 7 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Feb 14 Susanne Ressl (MCB Faculty) "Structural analysis of cardiolipin binding to the periplasmic domain of YejM from Salmonella typhimurium, an essential inner membrane protein involved in outer membrane directed cardiolipin transport"
Feb 21 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Feb 28 Feng Guo (Intelligent Systems Engineering) "Acoustofluidic Technologies for Cell Manipulation and Culture"
Mar 7 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Mar 14 Gabriel E. Zentner (Biology) "ChEC-ing in on transcriptional regulation"
Mar 21 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Mar 28 Archita Agrawal (DiMarchi) "TBA"
April 4 Cody Rogers (Bochman) "TBA"
April 11 Chris Schlicksup (Zlotnick) "TBA"
April 18 Garrett Booher (TBA) "TBA"
April 25 Meng Pu (TBA) "TBA"
May 2 Kevin Zhao (Zlotnick) "TBA"


Upcoming Ph.D. Defenses and Prelims

Upcoming Ph.D. Defense:

Aug 14 10:00am SI 001 Lye Siang Lee (Zlotnick) “A Molecular Breadboard: Removal and Replacement of Subunits in a Hepatitis B Virus Capsid”  
Aug 17 10:00am MSB II 102 Wan-Hung Lee (Hohmann) “Disruption of protein-protein interactions downstream of NMDA receptors as novel analgesics  
Sept 18 1:00pm JH 248 Heidi Schindel (Bauer) “Characterization of the Function and Regulation of the Glycyl-radical Enzyme Microcompartment in Rhodobacter capsulatus”  
Sept 27 3:00pm JH 009 Andrew Elliott (Shaw) "Cortical Microtubule Array Organization in Arabidopsis thaliana”  


Oct 17 1:00pm SI 101 Julie Button (Tuli) "Replacing the Role of Nucleic Acid with Capsid Protein during Alphavirus Nucleocapsid Assembly"  
Oct 27 1:00pm SI 101 Brady Strittmatter (Hollenhorst) "Transcriptional activation of the oncogene ERG by the Ras/ERK and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways"  
Nov 13 1:00pm JH 248 Jennifer Wong (Dann) "Biochemical and Biophysical Analysis of Targeted Cytotoxic Therapeutics that Inhibit de novo Purine Synthesis"  
Nov 17 12:00pm SI 101 Caleb Starr (Zlotnick) "Hysteresis in HBV disassembly"  
Nov 28 11:00am SI 101 Carrie Lierz (Oakley) "Structure and Conformations of the E. coli Condensin, MukB"  
Nov 28 4:00pm SI 001 Wenqian Li (Yu) "Geometric Mutation for Decoupling Receptor Signaling Crosstalk at phagosome membranes."  
Nov 29 9:30am JH248 Zun Yi Lim (Bell) "Regulating initiation at multiple origins of replication in Sulfolobus"  
Nov 30 1:00pm SI 101 Chris Sausen (Bochman) "The Regulation of Pif1 Family Helicases"  
Jan 22 1:00pm SI 001 Yuxi Li (Niu) "DNA End Resection in Double-Strand Break Repair"  
April 5 2:30pm JH 248 Liu Yang (Brun) "TBA"