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Indiana University Bloomington

Work by biochemists increasingly forms the basis of new techniques and treatments employed by physicians to treat disease; in IU's Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department, our priority area is structural virology and virus assembly.

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Biochemistry Seminar Series

Fridays in CH 033 at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

Spring 2014

Jan 3 Winter Break: No Seminar
Jan 9
SI 001
Jason Stewart (Faculty Search Candidate) "Maintaining Stability: Roles of the Human CST complex in DNA Replication and Chromosome Cohesion" Host: Bochman
Jan 10 Winter Break
Jan 16
SI 001
Megan McClean (Faculty Search Candidate) "Elucidating Principles of Biological Signal Processing Using Microfluidic and Optogenetic Tools" Host: Bauer
Jan 23
SI 001
Angeline Lyon (Faculty Search Candidate) "Molecular Mechanisms of Phospholipase C-beta Regulation" Host: Cochran
Jan 24 Stan Lemon (UNC-Chapel Hill)"A New View of an Ancient Virus: Membrane Hijacking and Hepatitis A" Host: Zlotnick
Jan 30
SI 001
Bruce Knutson (Faculty Search Candidate)"Integrated Approaches to Understand the Molecular Evolution, Function, and Architecture of the RNA Polymerase I Transcription Apparatus" Host: Pikaard
Feb 7 Pete Beal (UC Davis) "Nucleic Acid Chemical Biology: Studies in RNA Editing and RNA Interference" Host: Hundley
Feb 14 TBA () Title: Host:
Feb 21 Whitney Yin (University of Texas) "Human Mitochondrial DNA Replication and Antiviral Drug Toxicity" Host: Chen
Feb 24 12:20pm SI001 Susanne Ressl (Stanford University) "Structure Biology of Membrane Proteins and Synaptic Adhesion Molecules" Host: Bauer
Feb 28 Vijay Reddy (The Scripps Research Inst.) "Crystal Structure of Human Adenovirus, a Brick and Mortar Story" Host: Dragnea
March 7 Pranav Danthi (Indiana University) "Remodeling Viral Capsids for Cell Entry" Host: Tuli
March 14 Ronald Zuckermann (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) "Folding Information-rich Polymers into Protein-mimetic Nanomaterials" Host: Zlotnick
March 21 Spring Break: No Seminar
March 28 Paramjit Arora (NYU) "Protein Domain Mimics as Rationally Designed Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions" Host: Douglas
April 4 Yuichiro Takagi (IU School of Medicine) "Mediator of Transcription Regulation: Tackling the complexity - Protein engineering, Structure and Functions" Host: Pikaard
April 5 Special Event:
John Richardson Scientific Symposium
Ronald Conaway (Stowers Institute)
Robert Landick (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Norm Pace (University of Colorado – Boulder)
April 11 Janet Smith (University of Michigan) "The Flavivirus NS1 Protein: Two Functions, Two Faces, Two Forms" Host: Zlotnick
April 18 Gail Fanucci (University of Florida) "Characterizing Protein Conformational Flexibility via Spin-Labeling EPR" Host: Giedroc
April 25 Sua Myong (University of Illinois) “Stepwise Analysis of RNA Interference by Single Molecule and Single Cell Platform” Host: Hundley
May 2 Stephen Goff (Columbia University Medical Center) Title: TBA Host: Tuli
May 30 George Lomonosoff (John Innes Institute) Title: Host: Dragnea

Fall 2014

Aug 29 Labor Day - No Seminar
Sept 5 Charles Dann III (Indiana University) Title: TBA
Sept 12 Wendy Maury (University of Iowa) Title: Role of TIMs in Enveloped Virus Entry Host: Tuli
Sept 19 Richard Condit (University of Florida) Title: TBA Host: Zlotnick
Sept 26 James Berger (Johns Hopkins University) Title: TBA Host: Bell
Oct 3 Annual Inorganic Alumni Symposium
Oct 10 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Oct 11 5th Annual Watanabe Symposium in Chemical Biotechnology
Catherine Drennan
(HHMI and MIT) Title: TBA
Phillip S. Low
(Purdue University) Title: TBA
Michael A. Weiss (Case Western Reserve University) Title: TBA
Xiaowei Zhuang (HHMI and Harvard) Title: TBA

Oct 17 Nick Grossoehme (Winthrop University) Title: TBA Host: Giedroc
Oct 24 Chuck Sindelar (Yale University) Title: TBA Host: Cochran
Oct 31 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Nov 7 Millie Georgiadis (IU School of Medicine--IUPUI) Title: TBA Host: Dann
Nov 14 Kim Lewis (Northeastern University) "An NIH-funded position in Molecular Microbiology to study persister cells responsible for multidrug tolerance of bacterial biofilms" Host: Zlotnick
Nov 21 Anthony Schwacha (University of Pittsburgh) Title: TBA Host: Bochman
Nov 28 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 5 Jens Woehnert (University of Frankfurt) Title: TBA Host: Giedroc
Dec 12 William Clemons (CalTech) Title: TBA Host: Dann
Dec 19 Faculty Search
Dec 26 Winter Break

Spring 2015

Jan 2 Winter Break
Jan 9 Winter Break
Jan 16 Faculty Search
Jan 23 Faculty Search
Jan 30 Faculty Search
Feb 6 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Feb 13 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Feb 20 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Feb 27 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Mar 6 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Mar 13 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
Mar 20 Spring Break
Mar 27 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
April 3 Ekaterina Heldwein (Tufts University) Title: TBA Host: Tuli
April 10 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
April 17 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA
April 24 TBA () Title: TBA Host: TBA


BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:20 p.m. - 1:10 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2013:

August 28 Borries Demeler (University of Texas) "Study of Interacting Systems by Modern Analytical Ultracentrifugation Methods" Host: Wibowo
Sept 4 TBA () Title: TBA
Sept 11 Benny Howard (Dragnea) "Real-Time Single Particle Tracking with Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy of a Fluorescent Construct of the Sindbis Virus" (Prelim)
Sept 18 TBA () Title: TBA
Sept 25 TBA () Title: TBA
Oct 2 TBA () Title: TBA
Oct 9 TBA () Title: TBA
Oct 16 TBA () Title: TBA
Oct 23 TBA () Title: TBA
Oct 30 TBA () Title: TBA
Nov 6 Sara Brandt (DiMarchi) "Insulin Receptor Isoform-Selective Insulin Analogs: Design, Characterization, and Potential Metabolic Advantages"
Nov 13 Lisa Selzer (Zlotnick Lab) "Peptide inhibitors of viral capsid assembly"
Dec 4 Arjan Vermeulen (Bauer Lab) Title: "Of Cobalamins and SCHIC Domains"
Dec 11 Natasha Gebhart (Hardy Lab) Title: "Requirements for Alphavirus Replication and the Regulation of Host Protein Synthesis"

Spring 2014:

Jan 15 Erkin Kuru (VanNieuwenhze) "New Ways to Tag Bacterial Cell Walls Reveal Peptidoglycan in Chlamydiales"
Jan 22 Melissa Illingworth (Chen) "MST Reveals That Weaker Binding Affinity of GroES7 Mutants Activates the Single Ring Chaperonin GroELSR"
Jan 29 Yue Fu (Giedroc) "Copper chaperone CupA in Streptococcus Pneumoniae at the Interface of Copper Stress and Oxidative Stress"
Feb 5 Rachel Samson (Bell) "Key events in the archaeal cell cycle"
Feb 12 TBA () Title: TBA
Feb 19 TBA () Title: TBA
Feb 26 Jiangchuan Shen (Giedroc) "H2S Homeostasis in Staphylococcus aureus"
March 5 TBA () Title: TBA
March 12 TBA () Title: TBA
March 19 TBA () Title: TBA
March 26 TBA () Title: TBA
April 2 TBA () Title: TBA
April 9 John Lisher (Giedroc) "Metal Discrimination in Class I Ribonucleotide Reductase-Like Proteins"
April 16 Ozden Kocaoglu (Carlson Lab)"Profiling of β-Lactam Selectivity for Penicillin-Binding Proteins in Escherichia coli and Streptococcus pneumoniae"
April 23 Meredith Krodel (Prieto) Title: TBA
April 30 Yoshus Kumka (Bauer) Title: TBA


Upcoming Ph.D. Defense/Upcoming MA Defense/Prelims

Upcoming Ph.D. Defense:

Oct 25
SI 001
Xiang Ma (Dragnea Lab) "Applications of atomic force microscopy to the studies of biomaterials in biomolecular systems"  
Nov 5
SI 001
Kuang He (Bauer Lab) "Signaling Networks Regulating Cyst Formation in Rhodospirillum centenum"  
Dec 6
JH 009
Xiaoyun Guo (Brun Lab) "A Bacterial Scaffolding Protein Keeps the Cell Cycle and Differentiation in Check by Regulating Histidine Kinase Activitym"  
March 25
WH 009
Angela Berger (Danthi) "Regulation of Cell Death Pathways Following Reovirus Infection"  
April 16
MSB II Rm 102
Liting Deng (Hohmann) "Therapeutic Strategies for Managing the Development and Maintenance of Chemotherapy-induced Neuropathic Pain: A Comparison of Cannabinoids and Clinically Used Analgesics"  
May 15
SI 001
Zhenning Tan (Zlotnick) "Regulation of Hepatitis B Virus Assembly and Reverse Transcription by the Core Protein"  

Masters Defense:

Nov 20
JH 102

Sathiya Dharmaiah (Walczak Lab) "Development and Evaluation of a Whole Cell 3D and 2D Kinetochore Position Algorithm and Analyzing the Role of HSET, Cenp-E, and Kid in Chromosome Congression"  
Dec 5
JH Lieber Rm
Delin Guo (Bauer Lab) "Expression, Purification and Heme Binding Analysis of HbrL a Transcription Factor Involved in Heme Biosynthesis in Rhodobacter Capsulatus"  


Sept 11 12:20pm
SI 001
Benny Howard (Dragnea Lab) "Real-Time Single Particle Tracking with Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy of a Fluorescent Construct of the Sindbis Virus"  
Oct 18 11:00am SI 001 Ali Ozes (Nephew Lab) "NF-κB Regulation of lincRNA HOTAIR Contributes to Cisplatin Resistance in Ovarian Cancer"  
Oct 23 2:00pm JH 009 Vivekananda Kedage (Hollenhorst Lab) "Analysis of co-activators and activation domains in oncogenic ETS transcription factors"  
Oct 30 11:00am SI 001 Siobhan Deis (Dann Lab) "Biophysical and Biochemical Analysis of Antifolate Drugs that Transport Specifically via the Folate Receptor and Inhibit De Novo Purine Synthesis"  
Nov 5 10:00am
MSBII Gill Center
Meredith Krodel (Prieto Lab) "Impact of the Grb2 and p85 Interactions with Tyro3 and Axl on Cellular Signaling and Function"  
Nov 15 10:45am
SI 001
Lye siang Lee (Zlotnick Lab) "Manipulating the assembly reaction of HBV capsid to create platforms for encapsulating non-genomic cargo"  
Nov 25 9:00am
SI 001
Alan Moore (Tuli Lab) "Probing the effects of endocytic host-entry on nucleocapsid disassembly and genome delivery in the alphavirus lifecycle"  
Dec 19 1:00pm SI 001 Virginia Smith (Drangea Lab) "An Optical Approach to Real-time Measuring of Viral RNA Encapsulation, Presentation and Release "  
May 6 9:00am MSB II Rm 102 Wan-Hung Lee (Hohmann Lab) Title: "TBA"