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Indiana University Bloomington

Work by biochemists increasingly forms the basis of new techniques and treatments employed by physicians to treat disease; in IU's Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department, our priority area is structural virology and virus assembly.

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Biochemistry Seminar Series

Fridays in CH 033 at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

To propose a guest speaker, please contact a co-chair of the seminar series:

  • MCB: Prof. Adam Zlotnick
  • Chemistry: Prof. Charles Dann III
  • Biology or Med. Science: Prof. Adam Zlotnick and Prof. Charles Dann III

Fall 2016

Aug 26 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Sept 2 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Sept 9 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Sept 16 Inorganic Alumni Symposium
Sept 23 Ailong Ke (Cornell University)"TBA" Host Dann
Sept 30 Steve Bell (MIT) "TBA" Matt Bochman
Oct 7 Fall Break-Watanabe Symposium on 10/08
Oct 14 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Oct 21 Yamuna Krishnan (University of Chicago)"DNA nanodevices to measure protein activity in vivo" Host Pohl Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department.
Oct 28 Christopher am Ende (Pfizer Inc.)"Design and Application of Clickable β- and γ-Secretase Probes for Chemoproteomic Profiling and Mechanism of Action Studies" Host Pohl Co-sponsored by NIH-Funded QCB Training Program and IU MCB Department.
Nov 4 Peter Burgers (Washington University in St. Louis)"TBA" Host Bochman
Nov 11 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Nov 18 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 2 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Dec 9 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Dec 16 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA

Spring 2017

Jan 13 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Jan 20 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Jan 27 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Feb 3 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Feb 10 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Feb 17 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Feb 24 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Mar 3 Rick Morimoto (Northwestern University)"TBA" Host Lingling Chen
Mar 10 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Mar 17 Spring Break
Mar 24 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Mar 31 Karim Labib (University of Dundee)"TBA" Host Steve Bell
Apr 7 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Apr 14 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Apr 21 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
Apr 28 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA
May 5 TBA (TBA)"TBA" Host TBA

BMB Research Club Series

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in SI 001
(unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2016:

Aug 24 Guangming Chen (Dann) "TBA"
Aug 31 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Sept 7 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Sept 14 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Sept 21 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Sept 28 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Oct 5 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Oct 12 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Oct 19 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Oct 26 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Nov 2 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Nov 9 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Nov 16 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Nov 23 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Nov 30 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Dec 7 TBA (TBA) "TBA"
Dec 14 TBA (TBA) "TBA"


Upcoming Ph.D. Defense/Upcoming MA Defense/Prelims

Upcoming Ph.D. Defense:

June 30 1:30pm CH 001 Chenglei Li (Zlotnick) "Understanding Viral Capsid Assembly Based on Simple Dodecahedral Systems”  
July 27 10:00am JH 248 Chinmayi Chandrasekhara (Pikaard) "Selective ribosomal RNA gene silencing in Arabidopsis"  
Aug 3 3:00pm JH 009 Ali Ozes (Nephew) “Targeting the long non-coding RNA HOTAIR in cancer”  
Aug 17 12:00pm JH 248 Haley Hoover (Kao) "Phosphorylation of the Brome Mosaic Virus Capsid Regulates the Timing of Viral Infection”  

Masters Defense:

TBA TBA () "TBA"  


Nov 10 2:00pm SI 001 Zhongchao Zhao (Zlotnick) "TBA"  
Nov 17 1:00pm SI 001 James Haley (Mitra) "TBA"  
Dec 8 1:00pm SI 001 Nijia Ke (Bauer) "TBA"