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Course Descriptions

Fall 2006


Medieval Studies
MEST-M 309 Studies in Medieval Culture:
Literary Traditions in Medieval Europe
3 Cr. R. McGerr
MEST-M 502 Colloquium in Medieval Studies
Medieval Provence and Italy
4 Cr. H. Storey
MEST-M 815 Readings in Medieval Civilization 1 - 4 Cr. H. Storey
Central Eurasian Studies
CEUS-U 177 Introductory Persian I 4 Cr. S Daneshgar
CEUS-U 277 Intermediate Persian I 3 Cr. S Daneshgar
CEUS-U 520 Advanced Persian I 3 Cr. P Losensky
Classical Studies
CLAS-L 100 Elementary Latin I 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 150 Elementary Latin II 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 200 Second-Year Latin I 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 250 Second-Year Latin II 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 300 Intensive Introduction to Classical and Medieval Latin 4 Cr. J. Franklin
CLAS-C 360 Roman Literature in Translation 3 Cr. B. Balint
CLAS-L 409 Readings in Medieval Latin 3 Cr. B. Balint
Comparative Literature
CMLT-C 321/523 Medieval Literature: The Literary Traditions of Medieval Europe 3 Cr. R. McGerr
ENG-E 301 Literatures In English To 1600 3 Cr. R. Smith
R. Fulk
ENG-L 306 Middle English Literature 3 Cr. K. Lochrie
Euro Folklore/ Folk Life/ Folk Music:
Roma (Gypsy) History/Culture
3 Cr. L. Hooker
French and Italian
FRIT-M 307 Masterpieces in Italian Literature I 3 Cr. Staff
FRIT-F 615 Studies in Medieval French Literature 3 Cr. J. Merceron
FRIT-M 603 Seminar in Medieval Italian Literature:
Medieval Provence and Italy
3 Cr. H. Storey
HIST-B 204 Medieval Heroes 3 Cr. L. Shopkow
HIST-H 213 The Black Death 3 Cr. A. Carmichael
HIST-B 351 Western Europe: Early Middle Ages 3 Cr. D. Deliyannis
HIST-H 357 Jewish History:
Bible to Spanish Expulsion
3 Cr. M. Lehmann
HIST-C 390 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 3 Cr. E. Watts
HIST-J 400 Anglo-Saxon England 3 Cr. D. Deliyannis
History of Art      
FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art 3 Cr. J. Van Voorhis
FINA-A 324 The Gothic Cathedral 3 Cr. D. Reilly
FINA-A 432 Romanesque Art 3 Cr. D. Reilly
History and Philosophy of Science
HPSC-X 405/506 Survey of the History of Science up to 1750 3 Cr. D. Bertoloni-Meli
MUS-M 651 Medieval Music 3 Cr. T. Mathiesen
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
NELC-A 100/500 Elementary Arabic I 4 Cr. Staff
NELC-N 181/502 Qur'anic Arabic I 5 Cr. M. Gibrill
NELC-A 200/600 Intermediate Arabic I 3 Cr. Staff
NELC-A 300/660 Advanced Arabic I 3 Cr. Z. Istrabadi
NELC-N 370/570 Koranic Studies 3 Cr. J. Walbridge
NELC-N 393/690 Individual Readings in Classical Arabic: Islamic Foundational Texts 3 Cr. S. Stetkevych
NELC-N 593 Readings in Classical Arabic Literature 1-6 Cr. J. Walbridge
NELC-N 707 Seminar in Classical Arabic Literature: Comparative Approaches to Classical Arabic Poetry 4 Cr. S. Stetkevych
PHIL-P 301 Medieval Philosophy 3 Cr. T. O'Conner
PHIL-P 470/515 Medieval Philosophy:
Problems of Univ. Mid. Age
3 Cr. P. Spade
PHIL-P 596 Readings: Medieval Philosophical Sources 1-4 Cr. T. O'Conner
Religious Studies
REL-R 330/531 Christianity, 400-1500 3 Cr. C. Furey
Spanish and Portuguese
HISP-S 518   Spanish Medieval Literature 3 Cr. O. Impey