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Course Descriptions

Spring 2007


Medieval Studies
MEST-M 200 Medieval Culture: Medieval Italy 3 Cr. H. Storey
MEST-M 390 Studies in Medieval Culture: Literary Traditions and Ideas 3 Cr. R. McGerr
MEST-M 600 Medieval Manuscripts 4 Cr. H. Storey
MEST-M 815 Readings in Medieval Civilization 1 - 4 Cr. H. Storey
Central Eurasian Studies
CEUS-U 178/520 Introductory Persian II 4 Cr. S Daneshgar
CEUS-U 278/520 Intermediate Persian II 3 Cr. S Daneshgar
Classical Studies
CLAS-L 100 Elementary Latin I 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 150 Elementary Latin II 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 200 Second-Year Latin I 4 Cr. Staff
CLAS-L 250 Second-Year Latin II 4 Cr. Staff
Comparative Literature
CMLT-C 301/630 Specific Topics in Comp Lit: Arthurian Literature and Arts 3 Cr. R. McGerr
CMLT-C 301/645 Specific Topics in Comp Lit: Medieval Devotional Lit in India 3 Cr. R. Manring
CMLT-C 302 World Literature before 1500 3 Cr. Staff
CMLT-C 340/611 Women in world Literature: Women and Lit in Medieval Europe 3 Cr. R. McGerr
ENG-E 301 Literatures In English To 1600 3 Cr. S. Gayk
ENG-L 305/712 Chaucer 3 Cr. K. Lochrie
ENG-L 383 Holy Grails: Literature and the Religious Artifact in Early England 3 Cr. S. Gayk
ENG-G 603 Celtic Languages and Literature 3 Cr. R. Fulk
Fine Arts
Ancient and Medieval Art 3 Cr. D. Reilly
The Art of the Byzantine Church 3 Cr. H. Schilb
Problems in Early Gothic Art: Women as Artists, Patrons and Audience in Medieval Art 4 Cr. D. Reilly
French and Italian
FRIT-M 222 Medieval Italy 3 Cr. H. Storey
FRIT-M 333 Dante and his Times 3 Cr. J. Bondanella
Germanic Languages
GER-G 638 Old High German 3 Cr. K. Gade
HIST-W 100 The Medieval World 3 Cr. T. Keirstead
HIST-H 206 Medieval Civilization 3 Cr. D. Deliyannis
HIST-C 300 Jews, Christians, Muslims 3 Cr. M. Lehmann
E. Watts
HIST-B 301 The Crusades 3 Cr. L. Shopkow
HIST-B 352 Western Europe: High and Late Middle Ages 3 Cr. L. Shopkow
HIST-H 610 Medieval Rome 4 Cr. D. Deliyannis
History and Philosophy of Science
HPSC-X 100 Science and Occult 3 Cr. S. Smith
HPSC-X 323 From Galen to Harvey & Microscopy 3 Cr. D. Bertoloni-Meli
India Studies
INST-I 371/571 Medieval Devotional Literature of India 3 Cr. R. Manring
Jewish Studies
JSTU-H 150 Intro to Elementary Hebrew II 3 Cr. B. Schuman
JSTU-B 250 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II 3 Cr. E. Muehlberger
JSTU-H 250 Intermediate Hebrew II 3 Cr. A. Weiss
JSTU-H 350 Advanced Hebrew II 3 Cr. S. Katz
MUSC-M 517 Medieval Lit/Performance Practice 3 Cr. W. Gillespie
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
NELC-A 150/550 Elementary Arabic II 4 Cr. Staff
NELC-N 1812552 Qur'anic Arabic II 5 Cr. M. Gibrill
NELC-A 250/650 Intermediate Arabic II 3 Cr. M. Gibrill
NELC-A 350/67`0 Advanced Arabic I 3 Cr. Z. Istrabadi
NELC-N 312/512 Arabic Grammar 3 Cr. S. Alani
NELC-N 517 Biblical Hebrew IV 3 Cr. E. Muehlberger
NELC-H 550 Elementary Hebrew II 2 Cr. B. Schuman
NELC-H 575 Intro Readings in Hebrew Lit 3 Cr. Staff
NELC-N 590 Directed Readings in Arabic 1-6 Cr. J Walbridge
NELC-N 593 Individual Readings in Classical Arabic 1-6 Cr. J Walbridge
NELC-H 650 Intermediate Hebrew II 3 Cr. A. Weiss
NELC-H 680 Advanced Hebrew II 3 Cr. S. Katz
PHIL-P 596 Readings: Medieval Philosophical Sources 1-4 Cr. T. O'Conner
Religious Studies
REL-R 352 Medieval Devotional Literature in India 3 Cr. R. Manring
REL-R 602/780 Topics in Religious Philosophy: Religious Asceticism 4 Cr. D. Brakke
Theater and Drama
THTR-T 370   History of Western Theater
and Drama I
3 Cr. R. Herzel