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Graduate Area

The area certificate allows doctoral students to pursue interdisciplinary work in medieval studies and to develop the basic skills required to do advanced research.

Course Requirements:

Students must complete nine courses, including:

  • Four in the department in which the student is enrolled for an advanced degree
  • Five in other departments, two of which should be selected from the list below. Please see our list of Course Descriptions for additional courses in departments related to Medieval Studies.

Medieval Studies:

  • M500 Introduction to Medieval Studies
  • M502 Colloquium in Medieval Studies. Investigation of an interdisciplinary problem or foundational texts
  • M600 Medieval Manuscripts. Topics in paleography and codicology. The study of manuscript production, history, and use.
  • M815 Readings in Medieval Civilization

Classical Studies:

  • L300 Intensive Introduction to Classical and Medieval Latin
  • L400 Intensive Study of Literary Latin
  • L409 Readings in Medieval Latin
  • L540 Readings in Medieval Latin
  • L611 Seminar in Latin Epigraphy or Paleography

Language Requirement:

Students must demonstrate advanced proficiency in one of the following languages: Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Old English, Old French, Old Icelandic, Old Norse, Old Provençal (through the Institute) or Persian. Advanced proficiency can be established by courses, an appropriate exam, or other means in consultation with the director of the Institute.