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Andrea S. McRobbie Fellowship in Medieval History

This award is donated by the McRobbie family in memory of the life of Andrea S. McRobbie (1952-2003) and her interest in medieval history. The fellowship supports an advanced graduate student engaged in scholarship in medieval history, specifically some aspect of its social history or some theme in medieval social history related to its art, philosophy or literature.

Recipients 2007-2015

2015 Benjamin Garceau (Comparative Literature & English)
  Dissertation: "Untimely Inheritance: A Conceptual History of Translation in Early Medieval Europe"

2014 Lindsey Hansen (History of Art)
  Dissertation: "The Bishop Performed: Sculpture, Liturgy, and the Construction of Episcopal Identity at the Cathedrals of Amiens, Bourges and Reims"

2013 Diane Fruchtman (Religious Studies), Ph.D. received 2014
  Dissertation: "Living in a Martyrial World: Living Martyrs and the Creation of Martyrial Consciousness in the Late Antique Latin West"

2012 Emily Houlik-Ritchey (English), Ph.D. received 2013
  Dissertation: "Loving the Neighbor: Difference, Desire, and Agression in the Romance of Late Medieval England and Castile"

2011 Anthony Nussmeier (FRIT), Ph.D. received 2012
  Dissertation: "The Literary Politics of Script: De vulgari eloquentia 1304-1745"

2010 Kalani Craig (History), Ph.D. received 2012
  Dissertation: "Struck by a Divine Blow! Divine and Human Agency in Representations of Conflict Resolution by Early Medieval Bishops, 500-1150 C.E."

2009 Valerio Cappozzo (FRIT), Ph.D. received 2012
  Dissertation: "Editions of the 'Somniale Danielis' in Medieval and Humanist Literary Miscellanies"

2008 Elizabeth Williamsen (English), Ph.D. received 2011
  Dissertation: "The Quest for Collective Identity in the Middle English Charlemagne Romances"

2007 Christine Dunn (History), Ph.D. received 2012
  Dissertation: "Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Francis: Condemning the Heresy of the Spiritus Libertatis in Late Medieval Italy"