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Ph.D. Minor

The PhD Minor is designed for students who seek additional training in medieval studies beyond their own department, but desire a less intensive course of study than the Area Certificate.

Requirements: Four medieval courses outside the student's department. These courses must be from at least two different departments and must include one of the courses listed below.

Medieval Studies:

  • M500 Introduction to Medieval Studies
  • M502 Colloquium in Medieval Studies. Investigation of an interdisciplinary problem or foundational texts
  • M600 Medieval Manuscripts. Topics in paleography and codicology. The study of manuscript production, history, and use
  • M815 Readings in Medieval Civilization

Classical Studies:

  • L300 Intensive Introduction to Classical and Medieval Latin
  • L400 Intensive Study of Literary Latin
  • L409 Readings in Medieval Latin
  • L540 Readings in Medieval Latin
  • L611 Seminar in Latin Epigraphy or Paleography