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23 February, 4:00 at the Lilly Library

Medievalia lecture: "Buddhist Illuminated Manuscripts in China and East Asia”

Featuring Dr. Soren Edgren (Princeton University).

By analogy with Western illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, Dr. Edgren will introduce a particular genre of East Asian Buddhist manuscripts, generally written with gold and silver ink on dark indigo-dyed paper and having drawn frontispiece illustrations, as Buddhist illuminated manuscripts. It will be suggested that while the early adoption of printed Buddhist sutras with elaborate woodcut frontispieces in China stifled the growth of these illuminated manuscripts there, state support of Buddhism in Korea contributed to their development, and a strong Buddhist culture and keen sense of illustrative design in Japan promoted their spread and ultimate flourishing there.

24 February, 10:30 at the Lilly Library

Medievalia workshop: "The Material Chinese Book in the Global Middle Ages”

Featuring Dr. Soren Edgren (Princeton University).

The early invention of true paper in China profoundly influenced the evolution of bookbinding forms there. The workshop will demonstrate the independent development in China and East Asia of books as text-bearing objects for manuscripts, ink-squeeze rubbings, and xylographic imprints throughout the long Middle Ages, and culminating in the familiar thread-bound volume of later imperial reigns.

To register for this workshop, contact us at

3-4 March, 006 Ballantine Hall and GISB Auditorium (0001)

MEST Symposium: "Uses of the Past"

Featuring a keynote lecture on 3 March by Wendy Schwartz (Associate Professor of Chinese, Rutgers University).

See the full schedule here.

4 March, 6:00 at the Beck Chapel

"Splendid Star of the Mountain - A 14th century Musical Journey of Pilgrimage"

An Early Music Concert by Concentus (from the Historical Performance Institute)

24 March, 12:00-1:30, GISB 2067

"Why Utopia?"

A roundtable discussion co-sponsored with the Renaissance Studies Program

7-8 April, College Arts and Humanities Institute

"The Prehistory of Curiosity"

A symposium organized by Patricia Ingham

May 11-14, Western Michigan University

International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo

MEST will be sponsoring 3 sessions at the IMC, two on female friendship and one on medieval gardens. Preliminary program available here.

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The Medieval Studies Institute is a center for the study of medieval cultures from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries. Participating faculty are drawn from twenty academic departments at Indiana University.

The Institute administers area certificates and minors in Medieval Studies, coordinates an active schedule of events and colloquia open to the public, and promotes interdisciplinary work among the many Indiana faculty and students engaged in medieval studies.

Many Medieval Studies Institute students take advantage of opportunities to study abroad.

In addition to the interdisciplinary and archival courses offered by the Institute itself, a full schedule of medieval courses is offered in the participating academic departments. Approximately 65 medieval courses are offered at Indiana University each year, not including the many courses in language instruction and independent research that student medievalists frequently take.

Graduate students at Indiana can earn a Graduate Area Certificate or Ph.D. Minor in Medieval Studies. Undergraduates can pursue an Undergraduate Area Certificate or Medieval Minor. However, many students participate in medieval studies at Indiana without enrolling in any of these formal programs, either by taking courses or by attending some of the Institute's many activities.

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