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"Uses of the Past: Cultural Memory in and of the Middle Ages"

3-4 March 2017

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Wendy Swartz, Associate Professor of Chinese Literature, Rutgers University

Friday, 3 March
All Friday sessions, excepting the Keynote lecture and Readers' Circle, will be held in the Hoagie Carmichael Room, Morrison Hall

9.00 am — Breakfast and Registration

9.30 am — Welcome and Opening Comments: Shannon Gayk and Sean Tandy, Indiana University

9.45 - 11:45 am — The Ancient Past
Moderator: Deborah Deliyannis, Indiana University

  • "Brut and Albine: When History Begins Twice,” Julia Marvin, University of Notre Dame
  • "Humbert of Romans and the utilitas of Early Christian History," Miles A. Blizard, Indiana University
  • “Orpheus as Interpretative Tool: British Orpheus Narratives and the Mythic Tradition,” Jacob Runner, University of Nottingham
  • “Antiquarianism and Literary Memory in Eustathius of Thessalonika’s Exegesis in Canonem Iambicum Pentecostalem,” Nicolò Sassi, Indiana University

11.30 am -1:00 pm— Lunch Break

1:00 - 2.15 pm — Marian Devotion
Moderator: Karma Lochrie, Indiana University

  • Is the Past Really “Past”? — Past Events in Late Medieval Marian Devotions,” Luke Donahue, University of Notre Dame
  • “Violent Devotion: Mary, Jesus, and anti-Semitism in the Enfaunces de Jesu Christ,” Anna Siebach-Larsen, University of Notre Dame
  • “‘That Image was Mary, Our Lady, as I see now’: Hindsight and Self-refashioning in Chronicles of the Teutonic Order,” Claire Taylor Jones, University of Notre Dame

2.15-2:30 pm— Break

2:30–4:15 — Historical Legitimization of War
Moderator: TBA

  • “The Legends of Ingeld and Offa: Transforming Past Warriors on the Battlefield into Exemplary Rulers at Court,” Edward Currie, Cornell University
  • “History, Violence, and Auto-Legitimation in the Morgan Old Testament Picture Book (New York, Morgan MS 638),” Caitlin DiMartino, University of Texas, Austin
  • “The Philosopher’s Mirror: Roger Bacon, Mongol Expansion, and the Secret of Secrets,” Robin Kello, University of California, Los Angeles
  • “The Medieval Japanese Soga Vendetta and its Early Modern Transformation,” Morten Oxenboell, Indiana University

4:15–5:00 pm — Break (with visits to the Lilly Library and Eskenazi Museum of Art)

5:15–6:45 pm — Keynote Lecture: “A Nourishing Past: Literary Taste and Writing Habits in Early Medieval China”
by Dr. Wendy Swartz, Rutgers University
Introduction by Manling Luo, Indiana University, EALC
Woodburn Hall 003

7:00-10:00 pm — Readers' Circle Banquet
Federal Room, IMU
please email MEST to RSVP

Saturday, 4 March

Registration and Panels will take place in The Global and International Studies Auditorium (GIS 0001)

9:00–9:30 am — Breakfast and Registration

9:30–10:45 am—Manuscripts and Material Culture
Moderator — Rosemarie McGerr, Indiana University

  • "Annotating, copying and cutting medieval manuscripts in the 17th century. The case of Hubert Gallaup de Chasteuil," Sébastien Douchet, Aix-Marseille Université
  • “Retroactive Legitimisation: the Use of the Past in the Coronation Roll of Edward IV,” Laura Melin, University of York, England
  • “Excavations and Inventories: Interpreting the Material Past at Late Medieval St. Albans Abbey,” Deirdre Carter, Florida State
  • 10:45-11:00 am— Break

    11:00–12:15 am— Memorializing Liturgies
    Moderator — Shannon Gayk, Indiana University

  • “‘New Werke,’ New Troy, Cleanness and Caritas: Ghosts of the Past in St. Erkenwald,” Daniel Stokes, Hunter College
  • “In Her Own Image?: Gender-Specificity in Late Medieval Jewish Liturgy,” Emilie Amar-Zifkin, Yale University
  • “Baptizing the Dead, Resurrecting the Past: Hector’s Embalmment in John Lydgate’s Troy Book,” Edward Bowen, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 12:15–2:00 pm— Lunch (with visits to the Eskenazi Museum of Art)

    200-3.15 pm— Cultural and Political Identities
    Moderator: TBA

    • "“Identity, Heritage, and Competing Narratives in the Disputed Region of Nagorno Karabagh,” Leah Marangos, Columbia University
    • “Charting Worldview in the The Great Tang Dynasty Record of the Western Regions,” Laura E. Pearce, The Ohio State University
    • “‘A Triumph of Patriotism’: Uses of Joan of Arc in Modern Wartime Treatises,” Suzanne LaVere, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne

    3:15–3:30 pm—Break

    3:30–4:45 pm—Modern Uses of Medieval Architecture
    Moderator — Diane Reilly, Indiana University

    • " Exhibiting Romanesque Architecture: The Middle Ages at Barcelona’s 1929 International Exposition,” Lia Dykstra, Brown University
    • “Chartres Cathedral (2009): A Twenty-First Century Construction in Authorship and Authenticity,” Harley Wong, University of California, Davis
    • “Ruin and Folly: The Transformation of Fountains Abbey’s Function and Identity,”Honor Wilkinson, Bowdoin College

    4:45–5:45 pm— Coffee and Conversation

    6:00–6:45 pm — "Splendid Star of the Mountain - A 14th century Musical Journey of Pilgrimage"
    An Early Music Concert by Concentus (from the Historical Performance Institute)
    Beck Chapel

    The Symposium is sponsored by: The Medieval Studies Institute of Indiana University and the following Departments and Programs: Classics, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages & Cultures, English, French & Italian, History, Musicology, Renaissance Studies, and Spanish and Portuguese.

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