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Accelerated Program in Medical Physics

In addition to the traditional post baccalaureate Master of Science degree in Medical Physics, the Department of Physics at IU Bloomington offers an accelerated degree option through the Applied Physics program. Students can satisfy the requirements for their undergraduate degree in Applied Physics by selecting courses required for both the Applied Physics Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree in Medical Physics. This allows students to complete many of the graduate-level requirements in their third or fourth year of study. Students selecting this option can apply for admission into the graduate program during their third year and, if accepted, complete the master’s degree in as little as one additional year post baccalaureate.

Requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics can be found in the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.

Undergraduate degree requirements - Suggested course selection

General Education:

  • English Composition
  • Intensive Writing
  • Foreign Language (3 credit hours at or above the second-year level in one language)
  • Distribution Courses
    • Topics (Two Culture Studies Courses are recommended).
    • Arts and Humanities (two 3-credit hour courses)
    • Social and Historical (two 3-credit hour courses)

Foundation Courses:

  • P221 Introductory Physics I
  • P222 Introductory Physics II
  • P301 Physics III

Upper level lectures:

  • P331 Electromagnetism I
  • P441 Analytical Mechanics I

Laboratory Courses:

  • P309 Modern Physics Lab
  • P350 Applied Physics Instrumentation Laboratory
  • P400 Electronics Lab
    May substitute P460
  • P451 Modern Physics Laboratory 1


  • S407
  • S409 Senior Thesis


  • M211 Calculus I
    May substitute S211 or M215
  • M212 Calculus II
    May substitute S212 or M216
  • M311 Multivariate Calculus
  • M343 Introduction to Differential Equations
  • M312 Calculus IV
    May substitute PHYS-P321 Theoretical Methods
  • S320 Introduction to Statistics
    May substitute: S300, Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods; S501, Introduction to Statistics

Computer Science

  • A201 Introduction to programming
    May substitute A304/A305 (both) or C211/or H211 with the permission of the advisor
  • A521 Computing Tools for Scientific Research
    May substitute any computer science course

Biological and Physical Sciences (9 credit hours)

Electives should be selected from the Medical Physics core requirements. Remaining requirements for the Master’s degree in Medical Physics can be fulfilled in three additional semesters.