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Medical Physicists may obtain professional certification from the American Board of Radiology (ABR).

The ABR certifies that medical physicists have acquired, demonstrated, and maintained a requisite standard of knowledge, skill, and understanding essential to the practice of radiation oncology physics and radiologic physics by conducting initial qualifying and final oral examinations to ascertain the qualification of those who have studied medical physics. As a medical physicist progresses through his/her residency and as he/she finishes, the opportunity to participate in ABR examinations will become available. The certificate is time-limited; it is good for ten years.


  • Certification is required by some states and some hospitals/clinics in the United States and Canada as a prerequisite to practicing radiation oncology physics.
  • Certification increases career flexibility and earning potential.
  • Certification indicates to employers, patients and colleagues that you are thoroughly qualified to practice clinical radiation oncology and radiological physics.


Beginning in 2014, candidates wishing to take the ABR written examination in Medical Physics must be enrolled in or have completed a CAMPEP accredited residency program.

ABR procedures require application submission by September 30th of the year before the examination. This policy is subject to amendment from time to time. Candidates and Diplomates are advised to check the ABR web site periodically for the most current version.

The Master of Science in Medical Physics at IU Bloomington is a CAMPEP accredited graduate program.