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Degree Requirements

Prerequisites for the program

Successful applicants are expected to have completed a majority of the following course prerequisites. For all applicants, any deficiencies in the courses listed below must be removed following acceptance to the program.

  • 3 courses in Introductory Physics (including mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics)
  • 1 Modern Physics Laboratory
  • 3 semesters of Calculus
  • Anatomy and Physiology


All graduate students in Medical Physics work through the core Medical Physics courses and then follow one of two specialized tracks: Therapeutic Radiological Physics or Diagnostic (Imaging) Radiological Physics.


  • Professional Ethics (select one)
    • GRAD-G 601 Research Ethics: Responsibilities to Society, Science, and Self
    • EDUC-U 550 Doing Research Right: Seminar on the Responsible Conduct and Administration of Research
    • T521 (Biotechnology) Research Design and Ethics
    • PHYS-P 804 Readings in Ethics
      • ABR/ACR/RSNA/AAPM/ASTRO/ARR/ARS Online Modules on Ethics and Professionalism
      • CITI University of Miami Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (online)
  • Clinical Rotation
    • RAON-D 691 Radiation Oncology Physics Clinical Rotation [required of students pursuing the Radiation Oncology Physics Track]


    • P683 Diagnostic Imaging Practicum [required of students pursuing the Diagnostic Imaging Track]
  • Completion and acceptance of a Thesis based on independent Research
    or successful completion of a Comprehensive Examination

    Students should consult with their academic advisors who will assist in the selection of an appropriate research mentor.

Recommended Electives

Several excellent courses are offered at the medical center in Indianapolis. These courses can be used to satisfy MS curriculum requirements.