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Microbial Ecology
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Microbial Metageneomics
MMG 490/890

Two-week summer course for advanced undergrads, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty at KBS co-taught with Tom Schmidt. Consists of lectures, field work, wet chemistry, and computer modules to help students generate and analyse molecular community data. A detailed description of the course can be found here. Application and scholarship information can be found here.


Quantitative Microbial Ecology and Evolution ("QMEE")
MMG 892/PLB 800/ZOL 895

Graduate seminar course co-taught in the fall semester with Chris Klausmeier, Elena Litchman, and Jen Lau. Students choose papers and lead discussion on topics such as biogeography, phylogenetic conservatism, quorum sensing, metabolic theory, and mutualisms. Here are the reading lists for 2009 and 2010.


Microbial Ecology
MMG 425

Upper-level campus (East Lansing) course emphasizing fundamental concepts of ecology & evolutionary biology and how they pertain to to microbial systems. In teams, students conduct biodiversity projects resulting in contributions to MicrobeWiki, a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology. Microbial Ecology is co-taught with Ned Walker in the Spring semesters.


MMG 426

This upper-level undergraduate and graduate course has been offered in summers at KBS. The two week course has been co-taught with Steve Hamilton and Phil Roberston. It focuses on the the interactions between organisms and the fluxes of energy and cycles of elements in the biosphere. Students particpate in lectures, field sampling, and laboratory excercises. A more complete decription of the course can be found here.