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Upcoming Events

We will hold a Friends of Mineralogy bi-monthly meeting, March 15th (Saturday), at Miami University in Room 10 Shideler Hall (downstairs), 250 S. Patterson Ave., Oxford, Ohio.  For information about the campus contact John Rakovan,, or call 513-529-3245, or go to Miami’s webpage at On weekends, parking is not restricted and free around campus.  The Cook Field parking lot, located at the corner of Patterson Ave. (Rt. 27) and Rt. 73 is just across the street from Shideler Hall, and it is recommended.  The Limper Geology Museum and selected laboratories will be open for viewing.  You can bring a bag lunch, or if you prefer to eat out, the following link has a list of places to eat in town,

This meeting will be a mini-symposium with speakers on topics of interest to mineral collectors.  The tentative itinerary (subject to minor changes) is as follows:

DATE: Saturday March 15, 2014
LOCATION: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
SPONSORED BY: Karl E. Limper Geology Museum
CONTACTS: John Rakovan, Professor of Mineralogy, Miami University ( or 513-529-3245) Randy Marsh, Vice President Programs, FM Midwest Chapter ( or 513-515-7890) AGENDA

11:00-11:45FM Midwest Business Meeting
11:45-12:30Break for Lunch/Free Time to View Specimens
12:30-1:00Pseudomorphs The Ghosts of Minerals Past (Dan Hall)
1:00-1:30Advances in Understanding Mineral Replacement by Coupled Dissolution-Precipitation (Wladek BetkowskI)
1:30-2:00Aesthetic Pseudomorphs (Terry Huizing)
2:15-2:45Sakura Ishi Mica Pseudomorphs after Complex Cordierite-Indialite Intergrowths (John Rakovan)
2:45-3:15Pseudomorphy Involving Oriented Replacement, Particularly Reticulated Rutile (Peter Richards)
3:15-3:45Pseudomorphs from Bolivia (Alfredo Petrov)
3:45-4:15Pseudomorphs from Graves Mountain (John Medici)

This announcement will be repeated in the March newsletter, and the itinerary will be finalized at that time.

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