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Interfaith Activities

Interfaith Association at Indiana University

IAIU is a newly formed organization whose mission is to promote interreligious understanding and to foster an atmosphere of respect and sensitivity.

Interfaith Exploration

Interfaith Exploration is a collection of students and community members of diverse faith traditions dedicated to creating an atmosphere of openness, hospitality, and respectful inquiry; fostering a deeper understanding of their own traditions and traditions different from their own; and promoting such an environment on the Indiana University, Bloomington campus.

Interfaith Exploration is currently on hiatus.

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Common Quest

Have you ever wondered about the beliefs, traditions, and culture of religions other than your own? Have you ever thought you would like to learn more about your tradition? Common Quest is a series that addresses these topics.

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Center for University Ministry
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Activities of the Center are available to all without regard to age, gender, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, relationship to the University, or the Center's supporting denominations.

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