Interfaith Association at Indiana University

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Interfaith Prayer Service

In January of 2002, the Office of Multicultural Affairs collaborated with campus ministries of various faith traditions to create the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Interfaith Prayer Service.  The service, now an annual tradition at Indiana Unviersity Bloomington, is a compilation of prayer and music from several faith traditions because the organizers have made a deliberate decision to respect and honor these different religions.  The intention is for those present to hear each other's religious language, to listen to one another give expression to various ways of experiencing the sacred.


Photo Album


The Interfaith Choir rehearses for the prayer service.


Rev. Don Griffin (Second Baptist Church) and 

Rev. Rebecca Jimenez (Center for University Ministry)


Rev. Linda Johnson (Episcopal Campus Ministry) 

prepares incense for the service


The altar featured symbols common to many faith traditions.


Rabbi Sue Shiffron (Hillel Center) and Rev. Linda Johnson



In January of 2003 the tradition continued with the second annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Prayer Service.  However, by this time the campus ministries involved in the first prayer service, wishing to collaborate on many more interfaith events, had formed themselves into the Indiana University Interfaith Association (IUIA).  The focus of the 2003 prayer service was on peace.


Photo Album

Greg Weber and John Porter pose behind the altar, adorned with light.


Leah Faulk gave the Christian prayer for the service.


Manika Bhateja offered the Hindu prayer.

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