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Wesley Foundation:  Fond Memories


ne day last spring our campus minister, Rebecca Jiménez, received a phone call from a gentleman who as an IU student had been involved in our ministry over sixty years ago!   In phone conversations and through letters and photos he shared his memories and gratitude with Rebecca.  When Bill Lewis met Bobbie Moore at a Wesley Foundation retreat in McCormick’s Creek State Park, he was disappointed to learn that she was with someone else.  But that relationship soon ended, and Bill had his dream girl.  They were married for 61 years.  The following letters and photos tell his touching story. 


The first letter, dated June 3, 2003



Dear Rebecca,

          Enclosed is a check for $....  per our conversation of 5/28/03.

          This money is given to honor three young girls who were active members of Wesley Foundation from 1936-41.  They are Gertrude Dudley Comer, Roberta Moore Lewis and Martha Bassett Ricks.  These girls and their husbands were life long friends.

          For myself, I am thankful for the Foundation where so many quality people are members.

          This Foundation provided the place for me to meet my future wife, Roberta Moore.  I am pleased to say we had over 61 years of wonderful happiness.  Roberta passed away in February of 2003.

          I have pictures taken of a retreat at McCormicks Creek about 1937 or 38.

          Please use this money as you see fit to promote any activity that will attract students to attend Wesley Foundation.




Wm. G. Lewis




Roberta Moore ca. 1937



Gertrude Dudley Comer and

Martha Bassett Ricks ca. 1937


The happy couple, Bill and Bobbie Lewis, 1939


The second letter, dated August 1, 2003



Dear Rev. Rebecca Jiménez,

          Your letter of July 24, 2003 was received and most appreciated.  It sounds as if you must be overwhelmed with duties and programs to supervise.  It is good that you will receive help to carry out your ministry.  I assume that you are performing the campus ministry for five denominations, and that would be a time consuming task.

          I am confident that my small donation will be well used.

          The pictures that you requested are enclosed.  All of them, except the one of Bobbie and I, were taken in 1937 or 1938 at a Methodist retreat at McCormicks Creek State Park.  The one picture of Bobbie and I was taken in spring of 1938.

          Inform students that quality people attend the Center for University Ministry.  I consider my attendance at W.F. a God-send.  It was by far the best thing that happened to me at I.U.

          We were fortunate enough to have over 61 years of a loving relationship.




Yours in Christ,

Wm G Lewis




           Wesley Foundation                     “The Gang”                             

            Installation ca. 1937



             Jo Wykoff and                                         Bill Dean,

               Dick Haloy                                    “the other boyfriend”



Bill Lewis and Bobbie Moore, ca. 1937





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