Presenters and abstracts

Alan Sandstrom
Anthropology (Emeritus)
Indiana University-Fort Wayne

Manuel Apodaca-Valdez
University of Southern Indiana

“Oraliture, Hybridism, and Resistance in the Afro-Mexican Costa Chica.”

Kathleen Myers
Spanish and Portuguese
Indiana University

Serafín M. Coronel-Molina
Language Education
Indiana University

"Macro and Micro-sociolinguistics of Indigenous Languages in South America."

Ricard Viñas de Puig and Alyson Eggleston
Purdue University

“The Mayangna Yulbarangyang Balna of Nicaragua: An Evolving Model of Linguistic Participatory Research.”

Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo
Spanish and Portuguese
Indiana University

"The Mechanisms behind the Marginalization of Andean Spanish.”

John McDowell
Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Indiana University

“The Inga Resource Center.”

Powerpoint presentation

Song No
Foreign Language and Literatures
Purdue University

"Inca Garcilaso’s [M]Other Tongue: Quechua”

Kelly Hayes
Religious Studies

Flavia Bastos
University of Cincinnati

"Black-Atlantic Art: Hybrid Cartographies of Brazil.”

Jason McGraw
Indiana University

Sandro Barros
Modern Languages (Spanish)
Depauw University

“Language Determinism and the Favelado Speech in the Novel City of God.”

Stephen Selka
African American and African Diaspora Studies
Indiana University

“The Sisterhood of Our Lady of Good Death in Brazil.”

Stacy Hoult-Saros
Valparaiso University

Angela Castañeda
Depauw University

Arlene Díaz
History and Latino Studies
Indiana University

“Teaching Latin American Culture.”

Mike Grove
Indiana University

“Reclaiming Central American Documentary Film: The CLAMA Project.”

Luis González
IU Libraries
Indiana University

“Exploring Latin America through Electronic Resources.”