Member Services

Since 1940, the Monroe Owen County Medical Society has been the only non-profit, professional organization of physicians in Monroe and Owen Counties.   Membership in MOCMS is one of the most important and effective ways for physicians, collectively, to be part of the solution to many healthcare challenges. MOCMS serves as a forum for physicians to network, to exchange information/ideas and enjoy professional fellowship, while simultaneously striving to serve the medical needs of their community.   The benefit and wellbeing of the patient is primary to members as they seek to provide outstanding medical treatment and enhance the public health of the population they serve.

Every physician in Monroe and Owen Counties represents a potential ally in the ongoing battle to preserve the sanctity of the medical profession.  Physicians must work together if the medical profession is to succeed politically, professionally and economically.  Every physician member is important.  Please renew your membership or join today.  Click on membership application on the drop down menu under Membership.