Reasons to Join ISMA

The ISMA is of physicians, by physicians and for physicians.  ISMA is about protecting the profession of medicine and helping members advocate for their patients.

Whether you are in private or group practice, employed by a hospital or other entity, or a teaching physician, the ISMA works on your behalf.

Working on your behalf

No other membership organization has defended Indiana’s Medical Malpractice Act the way the ISMA has. They have protected provisions of the law that have served patients and physicians for 37 years.

The ISMA has monitored the Patient’s Compensation Fund balance and their actions since 2007 have resulted in PCF rate reductions of more than 40 percent.

Protecting your profession and your patients from harmful legislation

On the legislative front, the ISMA has provided expertise on health and medical issues to protect your profession and your patients from harmful legislation. And they are advocates for your patients—supporting the state-wide tobacco ban, educating physicians and their patients on domestic violence, working to reduce childhood obesity and to improve immunization rates.

The ISMA has worked to protect your profession and patients from serious scope of practice expansion by non-physicians—optometrists, physical therapists and others.
From a business standpoint, whether you own your practice or a hospital owns the practice, you will still have billing, claim filing and reimbursement issues. The ISMA’s experts resolve issues on your behalf.

Keeping you informed and up-to-date

As provisions of the Accountable Care Act (ACA) become law, the ISMA continues to help educate physicians about what’s ahead and speaks out about those regulations that need to be changed. As Indiana reviews the new rules on health insurance exchanges, the ISMA is at the table on your behalf.

Helping physicians, helping you

The ISMA Physicians Assistant Program continues to provide services to doctors impaired by chemical dependence, psychiatric disorders or disabilities. The program is effective and is highly regarded both by those it serves and by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.
The ISMA is a member-driven, democratic association. Our policies are determined by majority vote after debate from all sides of an issue.  All members can take an active role in our representative governance.

Other reasons to join ISMA

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