How Do I Join Mortar Board?

Each collegiate chapter governs its own membership process.  Please visit the find a chapter tool on our website to find out if there is a chapter at your school.  You can visit their website or contact the National Office for assistance in locating that chapter.  If there is not a chapter at your institution and you are interested in starting one, please visit the start a chapter page.

What are your membership requirements?

Nationally, members of Mortar Board must represent the values of scholarship, leadership and service.  Students must also have a 3.2 GPA or be in the top 35 percent of their class, whichever is higher.  Mortar Board is a senior honor society; students are selected near the end of their junior year and must be able to serve at least one active term of membership during their senior year.  Additional requirements may vary by chapter; please contact the Mortar Board chapter at your school for more information.

Does it cost anything?

Your membership dues cover a small portion of what it takes to run a national organization.  The national dues to join Mortar Board are $75; local chapters may also charge additional fees for operational purposes.  Your national dues are divided to cover numerous things, including your membership materials such as your pin and certificate; subscription to the Mortar Board Forum magazine; chapter visits from national leadership; the annual national conference; National Council and committee materials; national awards, fellowships and grants; program services; and to offset administrative costs.

Why should I join?

Mortar Board is an accredited member of the Association of College Honor Societies, and is one of the oldest honor societies in the country, with a rich tradition of excellence on more than 200 campuses throughout the country. It is a participatory organization that challenges each of its members to actively engage with their campus and community and truly represent the spirit of scholarship, leadership and service.Members of Mortar Board are given exclusive benefits, including networking tools, fellowship opportunities, access tocareer and scholarship search engines, the unique chance to govern a national organization and much more!Learn more about how Mortar Board is unique and see a complete list of the benefits of membership.

What are the benefits of membership?

Mortar Board provides a wide variety of special partnerships exclusively for its members. A complete list of these benefits is available here.

How big is Mortar Board?

Individual chapters of Mortar Board range from 15 to 75 members each on college campuses in every state except Alaska, Maine and Nevada.  The founding chapters are The Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, Cornell University and Swarthmore College.  Since Mortar Board’s 1918 inception, nearly a quarter of a million members have been initiated at more than 200 chapters, and are living all over the world!

Mortar Board seems to have a lot of traditions and requirements.  Why is that?

Mortar Board is built on its rich history and campus traditions.  We maintain the standards of our organization by perpetuating those traditions.  Students selected for membership in Mortar Board understand that it is not only an honor but a commitment. Members are chosen for their leadership and service potential in addition to being some of the best scholars and leaders on their campus, and always make time to dedicate themselves to their Mortar Board chapter. 

When is the national conference?Each July at least one delegate from each chapter of Mortar Board (usually the newly-elected president) comes to an annual conference to kick off their year in Mortar Board.  At the conference, delegates have the opportunity to learn more about the organization and how it works; network with students, advisors and alumni; hone their leadership skills through exciting workshops and presentations; and listen to renowned speakers, many of them Mortar Board members. All Mortar Board initiates of any age are invited to attend the national conference.  Registration opens on March 15 (and closes May 15) annually for those interested in attending.

Have a question not covered here? Contact the Mortar Board National Office.

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