ben motz

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Senior Lecturer & Director of Pedagogy
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Indiana University
1101 East 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Office: Psychology Building, A200B

p335: cognitive psychology
rather than directly discussing disembodied abstract cognitive facilities (e.g., attention), i present students with applied challenges (how do you concentrate on something?). we puzzle through these challenges, reviewing primary source material (no textbook!) and using active exploration, hopefully fostering a more relevant and vivid perspective on cognition. example syllabus

p211: experimental methods
through some lecture and a lot of hands-on experience students discover how research is conducted in the social, clinical, neuroscience and cognitive areas of psychology. for each of these areas, students design, execute, analyze, and write-up original research reports, becoming better writers, thoughtful researchers, and more empirically-minded individuals. example syllabus

c105: prediction, probability, and pigskin
the question at the heart of this course is: how can we use information to make predictions about uncertain events? this question is explored in the active, immersive, hands-on learning laboratory of fantasy football, an online game that provides a plethora of decision making opportunities in the face of uncertainty, and a wealth of data for analyzing these decisions. students will be exposed to a wide breadth of forecasting and modeling techniques while we analyze and predict our way thru the NFL season. course blog