History of the MSIS Association

In 2006, Jonathan Feigle and Joel Mintun, two MSIS students, determined that there was something lacking from the specialized masters program at the Kelley School of Business (the MSIS program). Their solution was to create a student-run organization that would provide opportunities for student growth outside of their course work. With a team of six student leaders and the support of the program office and faculty, they began to plan events to engage the current MSIS students in a networking capacity and to provide outlets to further polish these students as young professionals.

Today, the MSIS Association delivers students an enhanced student experience outside of the classroom in its fourth year of existence. The Board of Directors, through a variety of events, have grown to support the size of the student body and match the vast variety of student interests. The organization continues to build networking capabilities through social events that range from bowling to cultural movie nights. They offer professional development events such as breakfasts with CIOs and workshops put on by professionals to build the skill sets of the members.

The MSIS Association also provides a way to give back to the surrounding community through a series of service events throughout the academic year. The student leadership team continues to work tirelessly to take what has been done in the past and improve upon it. We invite you to get involved with the MSIS Association to further improve the experience that member and alumni already enjoy.


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