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The Muslim Student Union is an organization that serves the needs of the Muslim community at Indiana University and helps to educate the general student body about Islam. Muslims come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and environments, so many different groups are represented under the MSU without fragmentation, as it is said in the Qur’an: “And hold fast all together by the rope which God stretches out for you and be not divided amongst yourselves.” (3:103)


As an organization, the MSU takes that verse to heart in that it acts as a base for students to come together to form a community and to grow as individuals. We are not just another club on campus–we are a support system. We foster leadership and motivation among our members, and we stand behind the issues that face students on campus. The MSU does not act as a biased and secluded organization, but rather seeks to benefit all students on campus by helping to build a more tolerant and educated society.

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