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Instructors: Dr. Lesa Huber & Sue MyllykangasInstructors for this Course

Dr. Lesa Lorenzen Huber, Gerontology Curriculum Coordinator, Center on Aging and Aged Assistant Professor, Department of Recreation and Park Administration, School of HPER, and School of Education
Sue Myllykangas, M.A., CTRS
Gerontology Lecturer, Center on Aging and Aged, Department of Recreation and Park Administration, School of HPER

Main Instructor: Dr. Lesa Huber

Contact Information
E-mail: lehuber@indiana.edu
Office: (812) 855-0816
Cyber Office Hours: Course e-mail will be checked 2-3 times daily
Address: Center on Aging and Aged, Smith Research Center, Rm 195, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47408

Professional Interests
I've been teaching courses in the areas of Lifespan Development and Gerontology at IU since 1995. My education includes a B.S. from UW-Madison, and M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My professional interests are in the areas of creativity, physical activity and therapeutic activity in later life. Besides teaching courses, which is my favorite thing to do, I'm working on a grant from the US Department of Education, GETLINKS, to put gerontology courses online, and I'm working as a consultant to the Indiana Department of Corrections on a new Assisted Living wing in a soon-to-be opened correctional facility. I'm also the Curriculum Development Director with the Global Ageing Initiative, a multi-national research project investigating what "Aging Well" is around the world. It's incredibly fascinating! Finally, I love teaching exercise classes at two different retirement communities here in Bloomington. Before coming to Indiana, I worked for 11 years with the local Area Agency on Aging. I did recreational programming for senior centers, developed and lead education and training programs for the staff, and was Project Director for nine grants in the arts and humanities, which benefited older adults.

I really enjoy working with students on the web. I have found that students feel freer to participate in discussions, and the depth of discussion is greater than sometimes occurs in class. In preparing this course, I've had a wonderful time surfing around the web finding hot links you might like. I hope you'll enjoy this electronic environment, too.

Personal Interests
I have a great family with whom I enjoy my leisure time (who has much of that?) My husband and I go to lots of basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer and football games to watch our son, and then diving and gymnastic meets and cheerleading events to watch our daughter. That's about the total of my leisure time, and every minute of it is really fun. Okay, getting my son into his hockey gear isn't always fun, but the rest of it is. If I'm feeling stressed I like to go for a run, lift weights, or shop for shoes. As I get older, I expect to have a lot of shoes.

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Associate Instructor: Sue Myllykangas

Contact Information
E-mail: smyllyka@indiana.edu
Phone: (812) 855-0815
Office Address: Center on Aging and Aged, Smith Research Center, Rm 195, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47408

Professional Interests
I have worked in the fields of Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation with participants of all ages and abilities for over 15 years. I am a certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and completed my Master's degree in Gerontology: Management/Administration at the University of Northern Colorado in the summer of 2000. I LOVE working with older adults and plan on pursuing research to discover the overall meaning of leisure as it is perceived by people around the world. I moved to Bloomington, Indiana from Colorado to work on my Ph.D. in Leisure Behavior with minors in Family Studies and Gerontology. I have completed my coursework and will begin working on my dissertation research this fall. I've been lucky enough to secure a position as the Gerontology Lecturer because I LOVE to teach too!

Personal Interests
I enjoy traveling across the country (been to the SPAM museum? I have!), cooking (can't tell by the photo can you?!), bowling, swimming, camping (when there's no bugs!), fishing, reading murder/mystery love stories, soaking in a hot tub, laughing, and watching movies (especially musicals!). I would love to chat with you about this course, my experiences, your experiences or even traveling! Feel free to contact me anytime.

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