Recent News

12/2014 - Congratulations to Dr. Deven Shinholt on the successful defense of his thesis. Deven will continue his position as Senior Scientist, R&D Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry at Thermo Fisher (Austin, TX)

11/2014 - Congratulations to Elizabeth Pierson on her Keynote Address at the University of Evansville ACS Undergraduate Symposium

11/2014 - Congratulations to Elizabeth Pierson on receiving the College of Arts and Sciences Fall Travel Award!

9/2014 - Deven Shinholt accepted a position as Senior Scientist, Research and Development at Thermo Fisher (Austin, TX)

6/2014 - Congratulations to Dr. Katie Pyfer on the successful defense of her PhD thesis and receiving a position as Senior Analytical Chemist at Albemarle Corp (Baton Rouge, LA)

08/2014 - Elizabeth Pierson, Kratz Fellowship

06/2014 - Deven Shinholt & Dave Keifer (oral presentation) attended 62nd ASMS in Baltimore, MD. "CDMS provides unique insights into virus populations"

04/2014 - Elizabeth Pierson & Dave Keifer present a poster at the 2014 Richardson Symposium at IUB "Charge detection mass spectrometry of virus capsids"

09/2013 - Elizabeth Pierson (oral presentation), Katie Pyfer (oral presentation), and Staci Anthony (poster) attend the annual Turkey Run Analytical Conference.

09/2013 - Nathan Contino, Mann Chair Fellowship

09/2013 - Elizabeth Pierson, Student Virology Award (Awarded by the Elsevier journal, Virology, for the best student research presentation at the XXXIIIrd Conference on Phage and Virus Assembly, Lake Arrowhead, CA)

08/2013 - Staci Anthony wins the SISACS Travel Award

01/2013 - Provost Travel award for women in science (Staci, Lizz, Katie)

01/2013 - Dave Keifer wins the QCB award for the 2013 calendar year

01/2012 - Elizabeth Pierson wins the QCB award for calendar years 2012 and 2013(1/2012-12/2013)