A Program to Calculate Mobilities

A description of the program can be found as a text document here: mobcal.txt.

The Fortran 77 source code can be found here: mobcal.f.

An example data file: a1A10.mfj. An example output file: a1A10.out.

A MS-Windows zipped archive can be found here:

A MS-Windows self-extracting zipped archive can be found here: mobcal.exe.

A Unix .tar compressed and gzipped archive can be found here: mobcal.tar.gz.

NOTE: Technical support is no longer available for MobCal.



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A. A. Shvartsburg and M. F. Jarrold, An Exact Hard Spheres Scattering Model for the Mobilities of Polyatomic Ions, Chem. Phys. Lett. 1996, 261, 86-91.