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The main focus of NASSLLI is on the interface between linguistics, logic, and computation, broadly conceived, and on related fields. NASSLLI is a week-long summer school featuring courses on many topics of interest to students and researchers. Some of the course topics are introductory, while others are advanced courses that bring students to areas of active research.

The instructors are leading researchers who like teaching in interdisciplinary settings. Three of the courses involve work in computer labs as well.

NASSLLI also has a student session, as well evening lectures and social events. This year, two conferences overlap with NASSLLI. They are Mathematics of Language, and Theoretical Aspects of Reasoning About Knowledge. Both MoL and TARK will be held June 20-22. NASSLLI participants are encouraged to attend the lectures of these conferences.

Please come to NASSLLI for an exciting week of learning this coming June.

Please send all correspondence to nasslli@indiana.edu.