Mar 27

2012-2013 Executive Board Nominations


So, do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the executive board of the newest Jacobs School of Music organization? Do you know a friend or colleague who would be an excellent fit for the team?

Then nominate yourself/them for the NBA-IU 2012-2013 Executive Board!

Being a part of the executive board allows you to contribute to the organization more so than just being a member. You will help plan master classes, raise funds, and work side-by-side with Dr. Gershman and other NBA-IU guests.

Executive board members need to be organized, energetic, and cooperative. If you fit all of these criteria, or have a friend who does, then read on!

The link for nominations is at the end of this post.


Requirements for All Nominees

Here are the requirements for all nominees as stated in our constitution:

  • Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be a current member of NBA-IU
  • For Presidential candidates only: Must be a current member of the NBA-IU executive board

Roles and Responsibilities

Not quite sure what each member of the NBA-IU Executive Board does? Check out the sections below from our constitution:


The President shall preside at meetings, uphold the constitution, represent the Association, facilitate the division of tasks, create the agenda for executive board meetings, coordinate the annual membership drive, and also assign special committees as approved by the Executive Board.


The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President, facilitate as the head of all committees, and communicate meetings, activities and events to all members.


The Secretary shall make a record of all meetings of the Association and its Executive Board. These records will be typed and given to the Historian for permanent file. It will also be the Secretary’s responsibility to keep a role of members, and report activities for publication.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds and will disperse such funds as approved by the Executive Board and will keep financial records of all transactions as well. The treasurer will also be the official tabulator of elections. The treasurer shall collect dues and other income collected by chapter activities and make deposits to the Treasurer of Student Organization Accounts, keep books and prepare financial statements, “In accordance with University regulations all funds collected shall be deposited with and expended through the office of the Treasurer of Indiana University.”


The historian will create and distribute an e-mail newsletter, assist the President in establishing and maintaining relationships with the State and National Executive Boards, maintain a record of all activities and programs in which the Association is involved, keep photographs and other historical information, and develop and maintain the association’s website.

Talk to the Old Board

Still not sure if you or your friend should be nominated? Then talk to the current executive board! Check out the executive board page and click on the name of the member to e-mail them with your questions.

I’m Ready to Take the Plunge!

Awesome! Then the final step is to complete the official nomination form online.

Nominations are due by Saturday, April 7th at 12PM!

You may do so by clicking the link below:

Click here to nominate a candidate