Oct 19

NBA-IU Members Complete Recording Project

NBA-IU Teams Up with Uvalde Junior High for Recording Project!

NBA-IU has completed its first outreach project of the 2013-2014 school year!

After being contacted by the Uvalde Junior High Director of Bands (and IU graduate/NBA-IU Co-Founder) Trevor K. Ousey, chapter members teamed up with the Texas school to help increase the number of students participating in the South Texas Junior Honor Band.

Uvalde Junior High Band Room

Uvalde Junior High Band Room


Since the South Texas Junior Honor Band is run solely by directors like Mr. Ousey, there are no recordings of the audition etudes for students to use as references. Mr. Ousey wanted to send home with each student a professional-quality recording of his or her instrument-specific etude to listen to and practice with. He contacted the NBA-IU chapter to find out if chapter members would be willing to record the etudes for his students. Member response was strong, and the project was quickly set into motion.


Members who had volunteered for the project were assigned either a lyrical or technical etude (or both) to record on their instruments. 15 members signed up to help, and almost all traditional band instruments were represented in the project. Emphasis was placed on the quality of both the playing and the audio file, as the submissions would be serving as professional examples for middle school students.

Once the recordings were completed, members submitted them to Mr. Ousey and current NBA-IU President Bailey Petersma, who together reviewed the etudes to ensure that they were of the highest quality. The volunteer musicians will be credited on the recording files as well as on the Uvalde Band Department’s new website.


Trevor K. Ousey, Director of Bands - Uvalde Junior High

Trevor K. Ousey, Director of Bands, Uvalde Jr. High

Mr. Ousey distributed the final recordings to his students, and the project has been a great success!

“The students have been extremely excited about the recordings. It has taken a somewhat mundane task such as practicing and made it exciting. It has given them a goal and a vision for how they want to sound. The recording project has given my students the opportunity to listen to what a characteristic tone is on their instrument,” shared Mr. Ousey.

NBA-IU has enjoyed its partnership with Uvalde and hopes to continue working with the band program. Mr. Ousey agrees, “Overall, I am glad that we were able to partner with NBA-IU to make this project happen, and I look forward to many collaborations in the future.”

Auditions for the South Texas Junior Honor Band take place in November. We look forward to the results!