Nov 20

Marching Band Madness!

Trae Blanco Gives A Great Masterclass!


About one week ago our very own Trae Blanco, Wind Conducting AI, gave a great masterclass on the logistics of running a marching band show, from the band to the color guard.  Throughout the hour and a half class he was able to answer questions ranging from how much funding you should need to how much ceiling height the color guard will need to be able to practice efficiently.  Trae Blanco gave a wonderful presentation that the NBA is proud to support!

Attendants of the masterclass were enthralled by how much work is actually put into each show.  Valuable information about companies to contact about drill design and costume designing was also given out. “Seriously, buy a Longranger [a type of outdoor loudspeaker]! Those things are awesome!” was just one of many wonderful pieces of advice given by Trae Blanco.

“No other activity bonds students quite like marching band.  There is just something about students putting their blood sweat and tears into a program and being able to bond.”  Trae mentioned this as someone asked about the importance of concert band versus marching band and whether marching band should be required.

This masterclaIMG_0505ss was extremely informative and very helpful to understand what we as future music educators should know about marching and what the activity entails down to how to save money and how to get the best people to work for you.

We have recorded this masterclass and will be putting it into a drop box account very soon so it will be easily accessible.  Look for more NBA events coming your way!