Nov 04

Mr. Pratt’s First NBA Conducting Masterclass!

Mr. Pratt is All That


Just a couple of short weeks ago Mr. Pratt gave a wonderful conducting masterclass.  Over thirty students were in attendance along with five student conductors.  It was a wonderful experience that all students and conductors thoroughly enjoyed.

“Cut offs are a preparation for silence.” Mr. Pratt proclaimed as he explained conductors should not cut off in a circular motion.  His wise words were enjoyed and appreciated by the entire ensemble and especially the conductors.  Mr. Pratt was able to give great advice to conductors Leslie Collins, Brian Corbin, Ryan Diefenderfer, Aaron Yong, and Neil Hicks, who all learned an abundance about conducting a major ensemble.

The picture to the right is a photo of Ryan Diefenderfer receiving instruction from Mr. Pratt.

“I thought it was great to see another conductor in action that I had never worked with before,” said Alex Kroger, a clarin1452493_636872239666822_160301255_netist who played in the ensemble.  Alex Kroger is also a sophomore music education major.  “It was a privilege to experience such personal instruction form such an inspirational pedagogue,” said Christian Purdy, a bassoonist and sophomore music education major.  Both were very pleased with the teachings they learned as they were able to observe and play in the ensemble. Brian Corbin, past president of NBA and one of the student conductors said, “At first I was quite nervous to conduct for a phenomenal conductor like Mr. Pratt, but his personal approach in honing our conducting skills really created a positive educational atmosphere. The ensemble responded well; there was so much knowledge to be gained and the overall experience was a huge success.”

The picture on the right is various players in the ensemble.

The masterclass was certainly a wonderful and educational experience for all in attendance.  Look for more NBA events coming up in the near future!