Nov 04

NBA Invades Tri-North Middle School!

Side by Side Performance With the Tri-North Middle School Band

Pictured below is Neil Hicks, Katelyn Rhoda, Kendall Renaud, Michael Ahearn, Bailey Petersma, Augie Wolf, Daniel Flynn, Megan Sweeney, Emily Kinnunen, Raleigh Mostov, and Isaac Brinberg.

1443_635259583161421_2039857935_nOn Halloween, 12 NBA members were able to perform with the Tri-North Middle School symphonic band.  The NBA members were thrilled to help instruct and guide the young players while Amanda Herceg, a graduate of the Jacobs School of Music, conducted the ensemble.

“This event was definitely worth waking up at six in the morning for! It was thrilling to play the wonderful Jr. High Band Selections with awesome students of Tri-North,” said Emily Kinnunen when asked about her experience playing with the young students.

The members in attendance were able to dress up in Halloween costumes and have quite a lot of fun with the students while we played patriotic music in preparation for their Veteran’s Day performance.  Amanda Herceg also really enjoyed having the IU students be able to talk to and instruct the students on a one on one basis for their rehearsal. It was a blast for the Jr. High Students and the students of Indiana University.