Mar 25

Dr. Gershman Tunes us in to Intonation

All About Intonation

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This past Tuesday, March 4, Dr. Gershman gave a very informative masterclass all about intonation and how to tune your ensemble effectively.  This masterclass was complete with a handout and even a sing-a-long of sorts.  We started off the class with a talk about equal temperament and just intonation.  We were also given a wonderful handout that will be on our website soon that included information about the tuning of each note in relation to each other note.  One example is when you play a root of a major chord, the third of the chord should be fourteen cents flat in relation to the root and the fifth of the chord is actually two cents sharp in relation to the root of a major chord.


This information was talked about a lot more in depth as the masterclass went on.  We also sang a long to a tuning CD that Dr. Gershman brought along.  He suggested IMG_0671practicing with this CD, singing along with scales or arpeggios to a drone.  Dr. Gershman was also able to talk about transposing, and the most effective way to transpose for each instrument effectively. He then was  able to give us an insight to how he studies his scores, and uses his knowledge of intonation to write on his scores the transpositions and the correct tuning for each of the chords he chooses to analyze.   This class quite informative and a great way to get more insight in to how each chord should be tuned differently and how to effectively tune a younger ensemble.