Apr 25

2014-2015 NBA-IU Executive Board Elections & Constitutional Amendment!

It’s April again, and that means it’s time to vote for next year’s NBA-IU Executive Board! Meet the candidates and learn more about their goals below! Read on for more information about a proposed constitutional amendment as well.

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Candidates are listed by office, in alphabetical order.


Clare Hogan

1891165_10203561812991842_1721833225_nHi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I play trumpet and will be a junior next year. I am currently the secretary on NBA-IU and have enjoyed being a part of such a fantastic group. If you elect me president, I will work towards three main goals: Increasing outreach opportunities, member feedback, and adding more Jazz events.

In order to continue to provide real teaching opportunities I will work with Amada Herceg and Joel Brainerd to create opportunities for students to give free lessons and teach sectionals at their respective schools. I believe getting out and working with real students is the best thing we can do to improve our teaching.

I will create opportunities for member feedback, such as suggesting topics for masterclasses. Our website can encourage interaction with social media, sharing links, posts by members, and being place where people share resources.

I am passionate about Jazz education. I know many music education majors feel less comfortable with it, and it’s difficult to fit Jazz into our schedules. Yet it is part of the curriculum in many high school programs. I would like to see NBA-IU function as a connection to the Jazz Department for music education students through masterclasses and hosting jam sessions. I have made connections with members of the Jazz faculty and AI’s this year and I am deeply committed to creating more opportunities for music education to perform and learn about Jazz. I also pledge to continue NBA-IU traditions such as the biannual conducting masterclass and Paoli Pep Band event.

I have performed with groups in all three areas of instrumental music with Wind Ensemble, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Latin Jazz Ensemble. I am pursuing a minor in Jazz Studies along with the music education degree. Being on the Executive Board this year has taught me about the responsibilities of president. It would be an honor to serve the music education students at IU.

Katelyn Rhoda

Katelyn RhodaMy name is Katelyn Rhoda. I am currently a sophomore music education major. I am studying instrumental and general music education and also minoring in Spanish. I am from Fountain City, Indiana and I play the oboe. I have served on the NBA board for the past year as historian. I have been able to learn many different skills such as managing a website for an organization, coordinating meetings and events, and being creative about what upcoming masterclass opportunities we can create for the new school year. All of these qualities make a good president and I believe that I can achieve a lot of great things for the NBA for the 2014-2015 school year. One idea is to have a speaker with experience teaching band internationally. Another idea I have for the organization is to have a masterclass all about double reeds for band directors. I would work to continue a close relationship with NAfME and to keep a good amount of outreach opportunities open for all students. If I become president of the National Band Association I will be able to keep NBA a top organization along with ASTA, ACDA, and NAfME for learning all about music education.




Vice President

Emily will be running unopposed for Vice President.

Emily Kinnunen

Headshot 2

Hello NBA-IU members! I am Emily Kinnunen. I am currently a junior majoring in Music Education (focusing in both instrumental and general music) and I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I started playing the french horn in the 4th grade and fell in love with it instantly. I have been involved with a number of ensembles here at IU including the Marching Hundred, Crabb Band, Big Red Basketball Band, Symphonic Band, Brass Choir, International Vocal Ensemble, the Studio Bloom Undergraduate Horn Quartet, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, and a number of Adhoc recitals. Outside of IU, I have been playing professionally with the River City Brass Band and the Musicians Concert Band in Pittsburgh. I am also a member of the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble.

The purpose of the National Band Association is to promote the musical and educational significance of bands. It is dedicated to the attainment of a high level of excellence for bands and band music. NBA is an organization that is open to anyone and everyone interested in bands, regardless of the length of experience, type of position held, or the specific level at which he/she works. If I was chosen to be on the executive board of NBA-IU, I would like to change how people truly see the bands at IU. As NAfME is to the music education majors, I would also like to help make NBA-IU the place for all instrumental music education majors to go to for resources. My goals as a potential executive board member are very simple: I want NBA-IU to be a significant organization at IU and support the fundamentals that the National Band Association was founded on. Besides making NBA-IU better known, I want to help the organization make the Department of Bands better known and to help NBA-IU raise money to make our chapter as successful as possible. Along with helping us thrive within our careers, I hope to help our organization in working within the city of Bloomington with a number of community outreach events. If elected to the NBA-IU executive board as Vice President, I plan on making our chapter of NBA one of the best collegiate chapters in the country.



Matt Blauvelt

Wind Ensemble 3-1-13-2MattcroppedMy name is Matt Blauvelt! I am a freshman Instrumental Music Education major from Hillsborough, New Jersey, and my main instrument is the trombone. I am also pursuing a minor in jazz studies. I played the trombone in every athletic band during this past year, as well as the bass trombone in the Brass Choir and the Symphonic Band.

One skill that would be crucial for someone working in a secretary position would be organizational skills. I was the librarian for my band department during my senior year, during which time I was responsible for organizing the library of our band program. This included keeping the current scores in order as well as categorizing new music as it is added to the library. These skills could come in handy when keeping the minutes organized from week to week. I can also type at a quick pace, and would be more than able to keep up with taking notes during the discussions throughout the meeting. I was also a member of several groups during my time in high school. During that time, I worked together with these groups to organize and run a number of events, such as end of the year banquets and Coffeehouse based concerts.

Clare Hogan



I am currently the secretary for NBA-IU. My first choice is to serve as President, but I would like to continue my current position in the case that I am not elected. I am already familiar with the responsibilities of secretary and know how to use Listserv and Dropbox. I am reliable and I really enjoy being a part of the NBA-IU Executive Board.






Matt Blauvelt

Wind Ensemble 3-1-13-2MattcroppedMy name is Matt Blauvelt! I am a freshman Instrumental Music Education major from Hillsborough, New Jersey, and my main instrument is the trombone. I am also pursuing a minor in jazz studies. I played the trombone in every athletic band during this past year, as well as the bass trombone in the Brass Choir and the Symphonic Band.

Being the treasurer for an organization would likely require some skill in organization, keeping track of the collection of dues and financial statements. I have experience in staying organized, simply by having to be a student, but also by serving as librarian for the band program at my high school. My responsibilities included keeping the music collections organized throughout the year, as well as categorizing new music as it was added to the library. I also have a habit of keeping all my receipts and keeping them in a centralized location, particularly for larger purchases. I was a member of several groups during my time in high school, and I have worked together with those groups to organize and run a number of events, such as end of the year banquets and Coffeehouse based concerts.

Austin Simon

Although I have not had experience managing an organization’s account before, I believe that I have traits that would benefit me in the treasurer position. I am a very organized and punctual person. I can always be trusted to prepare financial statements and make deposits in a timely manner. In my experience managing my own finances, I have found that those traits are very beneficial to properly maintaining my account. Additionally, I work well with others and am very good at creating and maintaining connections which would assist me in working with others. These traits would also assist me in the case that we are reaching out for support for the NBA. Moreover, I am a truthful and honest person. I can be trusted to collect dues, make deposits, and keep books and prepare financial statements. There is no doubt that I would put a lot of time and hard work into learning the ins and outs of the treasurer position in order to make sure my work is of the upmost quality and always on time. Despite my lack of experience in this position, I would very much enjoy gaining the knowledge and experience that come with it. Furthermore, this position would provide a great leadership opportunity that would benefit my professional development and future endeavors.

Alex Wahl


Dear members of NBA-IU,

It is with great pleasure that I announce my desire to represent this chapter as Treasurer in the following school year.

Although born in Oslo, Norway, the majority of my childhood was spent in League City, Texas, a community southeast of Houston. Throughout my elementary school years, I had an inherent curiosity about music and its many wonders. Naturally, I eventually picked up an instrument: the horn! I have grown to love making and sharing music even more throughout these past 8 years of playing the horn, both with my family and friends and with younger students. I believe that holding a leadership position in this chapter of NBA will give me the administrative and professional experience necessary for the music educators of today.

Although I have not yet held this position in any club or organization, I believe that my confidence, organizational skills, and determination make up for any experience I may lack. In general, I am comfortable with speaking in front of others. I am able to maintain a professional demeanor and tone when giving presentations. Also, I thrive on keeping organized, neat, and on top of things. I believe that proper and incessant organization is a quality necessary for someone in a leadership role, especially a treasurer, the person who must keep up with the chapter’s budget and any expenses and dues. Finally, I have an undying determination for what I believe in and what I love. No matter how long something may take or how difficult it may seem, I strive to complete the task to the best of my abilities while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. In conclusion, I believe my overall confidence, organizational skills, and determination would aid me in serving as this chapter’s treasurer. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Alex Wahl

BME, Indiana University ‘17




Noah Farmer

noahAs a second-year music education student here at IU, I would truly appreciate the privilege to serve on the NBA board as Historian. Having been in this music program for so long, I feel that I have a good grasp on the needs of the music education student body. I would love the opportunity to help lead the organization towards its continued direction of providing students with the knowledge and experiences they need to be successful educators.

I feel that I would do well as Historian because I am very detail-oriented, am very driven, and truly want to get involved. I would work very diligently to carry out the duties of Historian to the best of my ability. I have strong communication skills and I believe I could help represent the events that NBA puts on with professionalism and taste.

I am dedicated to teaching and I am dedicated to music. I really think that I could contribute to this organization’s reputation of great work, as well as help it grow to do even more for its members and for this community! Thanks for your time, and I hope you’ll consider making me your Historian!

Austin Simon

I have many qualities and experiences that would make me a fitting candidate for the Historian/Webmaster position in the NBA. To begin with, I am a very organized person. I would be more than capable of maintaining records of the chapter’s involvements and at developing and maintaining the NBA’s website. Also, I can be depended on to take and keep photographs so that NBA can maintain their historical presence. In addition, I am a creative person with many ideas to contribute towards the board for future events. I am comfortable in social situations and, as a result, I work very well with others and am adept at accomplishing tasks with my peers through effective communication. Also, I would be able to maintain the NBA’s website by creating helpful website posts and through effective management skills. Furthermore, in order to maintain the excellent NBA image, I would put a lot of time into my work to make sure it is of the upmost quality. This position would provide great learning and leadership experiences for me that I have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy. Lastly, I believe that this position would be very beneficial towards my professional development and future endeavors.


Constitution Amendment Proposal

The current NBA-IU Executive Board has approved a constitutional amendment to add a sixth officer position to the Executive Board: Past President. In order for this amendment to pass and the position to be added to the Executive Board, we need a 2/3 majority vote from current members. We hope that you will vote in support of this amendment, as we feel that the chapter will benefit from this added continuity. Read the official position description (and amendment) below.

The Past President office will be occupied by the most recent NBA-IU President immediately upon completion of his or her term. The Past President shall serve as a resource for the current President in helping facilitate the transition between the previous and current Executive Boards. In the event that the Past President will not be on campus for the full term, he or she will remain available to the President, as necessary, via electronic communication.


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According to the NBA-IU constitution, only current NBA-IU members are allowed to vote in elections. If you are a member, check your email for the password you’ll need to vote.

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Voting will close on Wednesday, April 30 at 11:59pm.