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The Beginning

In late August of 2011, Trevor K. Ousey and Brian Corbin, two undergraduate music education majors at the Jacobs School of Music, sat at a local establishment having just finished dinner. The two were discussing ways to increase the awareness of the fine wind ensembles at the Jacobs School of Music, and also to fill in the gap of professional organizations for band.

Prior to the founding of NBA-IU, the school had several active music education organizations including NAfME, ASTA, and ACDA. This incorporated general music education majors, and those specific to string and choral education. However, a gap was left for those in instrumental music education.

It was at this meeting in August that Brian and Trevor decided to create a student chapter of the National Band Association at Indiana University. They began by following the steps set out by the National Band Association in creating a new student chapter. By mid-October, Brian, Trevor, and the other six selected members had drafted a constitution and were well on their way to creating a new chapter of the NBA.

The NBA-IU was founded on October 21st, 2011 by the founding Executive Board after approval was received from Mr. Stephen W. Pratt, chair of the band department at the Jacobs School of music, and the Student Activities counsel at Indiana University. Dr. Jeffrey Gershman, Associate Director of Bands, volunteered to be the faculty advisor for NBA-IU. Along with Dr. Gershman, the founding executive board consisted of nine members:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Gershman, Faculty Advisor
  • Brian Corbin, President
  • Lena Console, Vide-President
  • Jamie Kim, Secretary
  • Casey Keller, Treasurer
  • Dan Snedeker, Historian
  • Trevor K. Ousey, Assistant Historian
  • Kristina LaMarca, NAfME Representative
  • Jeremy Sisson, NAfME Representative

The executive board quickly established a connection with the headquarters of the National Band Association and held their first call-out meeting for membership in November. By December of 2011, the organization had 27 active members and had already organized a general meeting and master class.

The NBA-IU website was also created in December of 2011 by Assistant Historian, Trevor K. Ousey, and had its first post shortly thereafter.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To promote the excellence of band throughout the community
  • To encourage the composition of wind literature (including, but not limited to, jazz, chamber, marching, and percussion literature)
  • To encourage the performance of quality music
  • To assist people who are interested and/or involved, in any capacity and at any level, in band
  • To promote pride and appreciation for band
  • To encourage interested students to pursue careers in music
  • To promote a relationship and dialogue among university students, band directors, performers, representatives of the music industry, and all other supporters in the community
  • To provide opportunities for university students to collaborate, network, and build relationships with professionals in the band profession

Our Constitution

Our official constitution can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here.


2013-2014 Executive Board

                             Congratulations to the NBA Executive Board!   President Bailey Petersma is a senior percussionist from Johnston, Iowa pursuing a BME in both band and choral music education at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. She currently studies percussion with Michael Spiro and has also studied with IU Professors John Tafoya and Kevin Bobo. Since …

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Dr. Jeffrey Gershman

About Our Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Gershman Dr. Jeffrey D. Gershman is currently the Associate Director of Bands and an Associate Professor of Music at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Dr. Gershman is conductor of the Symphonic Band and teaches classes in undergraduate music education and repertoire and graduate conducting. His past positions include serving as the …

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Past NBA-IU Executive Boards

Past NBA-IU Executive Boards 2011-2012 Founding Organization Executive Board President – Brian Corbin Vice President – Lena Console Secretary – Jamie Kim Treasurer – Casey Keller Historian – Dan Snedeker Assistant Historian – Trevor K. Ousey 2012-2013 Executive Board President – Brian Corbin Vice President – Isaac Brinberg Secretary – Bailey Petersma Treasurer – Daniel …

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