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NCA News is a informational listserv of the National Center on Accessibility. NCA News is a vehicle to share the latest information on access to parks, recreation and tourism while promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of our communities. Information posted to NCA News includes announcements of upcoming training opportunities, research findings related to recreation access, technical assistance issues and articles. Topics include access to playgrounds, beaches, trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, golf, sports facilities, boating and fishing facilities, and more. Subscription is free.  To subscribe>>

Publications & Videos

The National Center on Accessibility periodically prints and/or publishes research papers, technical reports and educational materials. Some of these materials are available on this web site, some are available in alternative formats without charge and some may be purchased. Call NCA to order: (812) 856-4422 (voice) or (812) 856-4421 (tty).


Retrofitting for Accessibility
This 26-minute video illustrates accessibility standards for parking, entrances, routes and restrooms. It is ideal for seasonal training for maintenance and facilities staff. (1996) $30

NCA Video Seminar: Access to Outdoor Recreation Environments
This satellite seminar was originally broadcast as a distance learning program for the National Park Service. It addresses the proposed accessibility guidelines for trails, campgrounds, picnic areas and beaches. The video seminar is available as a self-study package including a 2-part video, training packet and web-based supplemental material. (2000) $75

Technical/Research Reports

Accommodating Patrons with Disabilities: A Survey of Ticket and Accommodation Policies for Performance Venues, Theaters and Sports Arenas
Creating accessible ticket and accommodation policies inclusive of patrons with disabilities has long been a challenge for operators of performance venues, theaters and sports arenas. From wheelchair accessible seating to requests for sign language interpreters, this survey identifies policies and procedures common to accommodating patrons with disabilities in performance venues and sports arenas. (2002)  Executive Summary (PDF).  Final Report (PDF).  Full Report (print version) $15.

Bradford Woods Amphitheater: A Case Study in Universal Design
Designed in 1998, the Bradford Woods Amphitheater is a state-of-the-art example of universal design in the outdoors. The amphitheater includes seating where every seat in every row of the venue is accessible to people with disabilities and their companions. The center of the amphitheater features a fully accessible fire ring for campfire songs, while the stage is fully accessible from both wings and incorporates lighting and an assistive listening system. This full-color booklet illustrates the universal design features of the award winning Bradford Woods Amphitheater. (2001) Print copies: $1. Call NCA for bulk orders.

Functional Aspects of Accessible Picnic Elements
Conducted in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, this study ascertains the perceptions of persons with and without disabilities regarding the design and function of certain accessible picnic elements including picnic tables, grills and fire rings. (2001) Executive Summary (PDF).  Final Report (PDF).  Appendix (PDF).  Full Report (print version) $15

Visitor Expectations and Perceptions of Program and Physical Accessibility in the National Park Service
Conducted in collaboration with the University of Tennessee, this study identifies the perceptions of people with disabilities relative to program and physical accessibility in five National Park Service units. (2001) Executive Summary (PDF).  Final Report (PDF).  Appendix (PDF). Full Report (print version) $15

Outdoor Recreation Pursuits of People with Disabilities: National Survey of Recreation and the Environment
Conducted by the U.S. Forest Service every 10 years, the National Survey of Recreation and the Environment is the most recent research analyzing the participation of people in the outdoors. This report "Outdoor Recreation Pursuits of People with Disabilities Report" specifically looks at the participation of people with disabilities in outdoor recreation. (2000)  Executive Summary.

Swimming Pool Accessibility Project
In 1996, the National Center on Accessibility studied the needs and preferences of people with physical disabilities accessing swimming pools under a contract by the U.S. Access Board. In addition to surveying people with disabilities, the research project included testing various pool entry methods/products and a national survey of pool operators. NCA research findings and recommendations now serve as the basis for the U.S. Access Board's accessibility guidelines for swimming pools. (1996) Executive Summary - 7 pages: available free on-line. Recommendations & Product Information--88 pages: $10. Final Report-366 pages: $30

Temporary Beach Surface Accessibility Study
Conducted in Daytona, Florida, this study investigates the utility of various types of temporary beach surfaces that may provide accessibility for people with mobility impairments. The study assesses installation, maintenance and use of seven temporary services. The full report can aid managers of beach areas in determining options and selecting appropriate surfaces for their recreation area. (2001) Executive Summary (PDF).  Final Report (PDF).  Full Report (print) $20.

Beach Access Report
One of the first research projects of it's kind, NCA conducted a preliminary study of beach surfaces and assistive devices promoting access for people with disabilities in 1993. This report includes research findings on the effectiveness of various surface applications and assistive devices for beach access. (1993)  Final Report (PDF).
Report: Available free on-line

Golf Reports

From the Bag Drop to the 19th Hole: Tips for Making Individuals with Disabilities Feel Welcome at Your Golf Course
This booklet is designed for golf course operators and gives recommendations for communicating effectively and providing quality customer service for golfers with disabilities. (2000) Online Edition: available free from the USGA Resource Center for Individuals with Disabilities.

Golf Etiquette and Players with Disabilities
A booklet with extensive suggestions for both golf course owners and golfers with disabilities looking to increase access to the game of golf. Booklet (PDF).

Proceedings from the National Forum on Accessible Golf
Volume I (PDF)
Volume II (PDF)
Volume III (PDF)
Volume IV (PDF)
Volume V (PDF)
Volume VI (PDF)

For the Good of the Game
A report on the status of golfers with disabilities in America. (1999) Executive Summar (PDF).  Final Report (PDF).

Limited Distribution

NCA Annual Reports
These annual summary reports provide an overview of NCA activity and accomplishments. Goals and objectives, education, technical assistance and research activities are detailed.

Study of Perceived Accessibility in the National Park Service
This 1998-99 study identifies the perceptions of NPS Superintendents, Interpretive and Maintenance Chiefs and Accessibility Coordinators relative to both physical and program accessibility at their respective National Park Service Sites. This is an internal report and is available only to authorized NPS personnel.