Volunteer to Participate in NCA Research Studies


For more than ten years, the National Center on Accessibility at Indiana University has researched the needs, preferences and expectations of people with disabilities accessing parks, recreation and tourism. Participation by people with disabilities in NCA research studies have lead to significant research findings in the areas of:

  • Beach assistive devices
  • Temporary beach surfaces
  • Swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Golf
  • Picnic areas
  • Visitor expectations to National Parks
  • Trail surfaces



Discovery in these recreation areas have assisted managers to make better informed decisions on planning, designs and products to create accessible facilities, programs and services. To further research discovery, the National Center on Accessibility is seeking individuals with disabilities to volunteer for future research studies.

By volunteering, you will be added to the NCA Research Volunteer Database. As NCA surveys and research activities are initiated, you may be asked to participate based on your geographic location in relation to the project and your areas of interest. Your participation in NCA research activities will contribute to inquiry as to how to best meet the needs of people with disabilities in recreational pursuits. All participation is voluntary and without compensation.

There are many benefits to participating in NCA research. In addition to assuring that your voice is heard, your needs and preferences will have a national impact. You may have the opportunity to test various products and equipment that are designed to improve access to recreation environments. You may also be asked to respond to questions and surveys that will assist manufacturers and product developers. Research studies or surveys may require only responses to questionnaires that can be completed on the Internet. Others may require physical participation in testing and evaluating devices and products. Interested individuals with disabilities can sign up to volunteer by completing the following form on the NCA web site at www.ncaonline.org or by contacting NCA directly via e-mail, mail, fax or phone.

Volunteer Information

People with disabilities interested in participating in future NCA research studies can sign up at any time. Please complete the following information and return it to the National Center on Accessibility. Your information will be kept on file and you will be contacted when/if an NCA research activity is conducted based on your areas of interest and geographic location.

Terms of Use

Personal information provided by volunteers will be kept secure and strictly confidential by the National Center on Accessibility at Indiana University. NCA will contact volunteers directly with information on upcoming studies and opportunities for participation in research studies. Personal information will solely be used by NCA and/or a collaborative research partner(s). No portions of personal information will be shared or sold for commercial purposes. Volunteers will have the right to request removal from the research volunteer list at any time. Volunteers also have the right to decline participation in research studies at any time. To request to be removed from the research volunteer list, you can either call, e-mail or fax NCA.

For questions, contact:

Alice Voigt, Accessibility Specialist 
National Center on Accessibility
501 N Morton St, Suite 109
Bloomington, IN 47404-3732
(812) 856-4422 (voice)
(812) 856-4421 (tty)
E-mail: nca@indiana.edu