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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a wooden beam in the woods, as they hold hands to keep their balance.
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Bull Ring

Description: The bull ring is an apparatus consisting of a two–inch metal ring with strings tied to it in all directions. Each member within the group holds onto at least one of these strings as they attempt to transport a ball from one stand to another.

Examples of Inclusive Options:

  • The traditional bull ring is simply made of strings that can be difficult to grasp. In order to make this a more universal design’ loops can be tied in the end of the strings so individuals can hold the device with more ease.

  • The string could also be replaced with a heavier twine or rope material that would aid in the holding of the device.

In this photo a group of people are standing in a parking lot, one man sits in a wheelchair.  They are each holding a string connected to a ring with a ball balanced on top.
This group of participants work together to move a ball from one place to another with a bull ring.

This photo shows a man sitting in a wheelchair holding onto a string connected during a team activity.
Two participants use loops tied to the end of a string to move a ball from one place to another with a bull ring.

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