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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a wooden beam in the woods, as they hold hands to keep their balance.
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Great Divide

Description: In order to accomplish this challenge‚ a group must cross from point A to point B while the outsides of their feet or remain in constant contact. To make matters more complicated, the group must avoid objects have been placed throughout the field. If the group breaks contact with one another or comes into contact with an object in the field‚ they need to start over at the beginning. Generally‚ a distance of between fifteen and twenty feet is perfect for this activity.

Inclusive Options:

  • This activity does not require a lot of adaptation. Depending on the level of ability, the numbers of objects placed in the field can vary. Also‚ by giving written instructions to the group as well as oral instructions‚ you can utilize more than one style of communication which increases the number of people who can easily do and understand this activity.

  • Oral instructions accompanied by written instructions can improve the level of understanding of the activity when it is first introduced.

This photo shows a group consisting of four women and two 
men‚ one utilizing a wheelchair‚ as they work through an activity called the Great Divide. The members of this group are 
holding hands or locking arms while they also keep their feet or wheels touching the 
person$#8217; next to them as they try to move together 
around obstacles such as balls and stuffed toys that are lying on the ground in front of the group.
A group of challenge participants work on their communication and teamwork skills as they traverse the Great Divide.


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