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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a wooden beam in the woods‚ as they hold hands to keep their balance.
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Description: The setup for this activity involves creating a field that contains mines (objects laid out on the ground). One person is located at one end of the field while another is stationed at the opposite end. This activity requires the first person to either close their eyes or wear a blindfold. The second person is given the task of navigating the first person through the playing area without bringing them into contact with any of the mines.

Examples of Inclusive Options:

  • The area in which the minefield is laid can be adapted with more clear floor space ‚ based on the required maneuverability of those participating.

  • Because this is an activity that requires someone to not use their vision‚ do not just assume that everyone is comfortable with a blindfold. Many people are not emotionally comfortable with wearing these; allow them the option of simply keeping their eyes closed.
    In this photo‚ a man sitting in a wheelchair and a girl standing next to him give verbal directions to their blindfolded teammate as she attempts to walk through a roped off area without touching any of the objects around her feet.
    Group participants lead their teammate through the minefield.

    This photo shows a man sitting in a wheelchair‚ and wearing a blindfold as he listens for directions from his teammates to complete an activity.
    A participant listens as his teammates give him directions across the activity field.

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