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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a wooden beam in the woods, as they hold hands to keep their balance.
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Description: This activity contains a foot cable that stretches between two trees‚ poles‚ or platforms and a series of hanging ropes. The participant is given an opportunity to attempt to cross from one side to the other while utilizing these ropes to balance.

Examples of Inclusive Options:

  • For this element‚ a swing can be added for a person that is non–ambulatory. By utilizing this device‚ the individual can pull themselves from one side to the other by grabbing the hanging ropes.

  • A piece of thin rope known as p–cord can be connected to all of the hanging ropes. If the person loses their forward momentum‚ they can draw the next rope using the p–cord. This could also benefit a person with a shorter reach range
  • This is a photo of a swing seat attached to a cable that runs between two trees.
    The multi-vine swing offers an alternative to the regular foot cable. (Photo by Bradford Woods.)

    This photo shows a man sitting in a swing as he propels himself through an activity by swinging from rope to rope.
    A participant swings through the multi vine activity. (Photo by Bradford Woods.)

    This photo shows two ropes hanging down from trees and attached to each other by P–cord.
    P-cord connects hanging ropes at the multi vine element. (Photo by Bradford Woods.)

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