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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a wooden beam in the woods‚ as they hold hands to keep their balance.
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Platform Transfers

Transfers can be very tricky for anyone and even more difficult if the platforms are not built at the right height. The ideal height for a transfer platform is between 19 and 21 inches. To make the transfer more pleasant‚ padding can be added to protect bony prominences as shown in the picture below. If the platform is built too low there is a chance that someone might fall.

This photo shows a participant making a good platform transfer as he is spotted by staff members.
A participant transfers to a platform. (Photo by Bradford Woods.)

This photo shows a participant trying to transfer himself to a platform that is built too low.  Staff members are acting as safety spotters for the participant.
If a platform is too low‚ participants who utilize mobility devices may have difficulty accessing the platform.


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