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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a wooden beam in the woods, as they hold hands to keep their balance.
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Whale Watch & Balance Platforms

Description: The Whale Watch is a large deck that rests upon a fulcrum to create a “teeter–totter” effect. Generally‚ an individual or group is asked to balance the deck as part or all of their challenge.

Examples of Inclusive Options:

  • By adding ramps to enter the platform‚ this long used low challenge course activity instantly becomes accessible.

  • Have everyone use this element from a sitting or kneeling position to create an inclusive atmosphere. This also prevents anyone with balance problems from being thrown because of the extremely dynamic shift that can be created on this element.

  • May incorporate an overhead belay cable on this element and others with very dynamic characteristics in order to maximize independence and safety.
  • This is a photo of a whale watch element shaped like an octagon.
    Whale watch element from Challenger works. (Photo by Challenge Works.)

    This photo shows people sitting in wheelchairs‚ and standing or sitting on the floor as they attempt to balance their group on the Whale Watch platform.
    A group of participants enjoys the shade from the trees as they balance on the Whale watch element. (Photo by Bradford Woods.)

    This is a photo of a balance platform shaped like an extra wide teeter–totter with a ramp.
    Balance platform with ramp. (Photo by Don Rogers.)

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