A Free Place

by Sarah Leone

Sarah Leone riding a horse.I know of a place
A place with no prejudice involved
A place I went to this past summer
The place called Camp About Face
This was a camp where no one was treated differently
This was, honestly, new for me
At least outside my family
I was really nervous
For this was to be my first time
Going across country alone to Indiana
When I arrived, I was, of course really shy
But after at least a day
I started to feel accepted
without any cuteness or wrong reaction
from other people near my own age
This was also new to me
I have done many things I thought
would never happen
One major one was climbing up a forty to forty two feet high tower at a sixty-degree angle
Another thing would be to talk in front of a large group, nervously but confident, to children who are a little or so younger
One other thing is to paint kids’ faces
a design of whatever they wanted
This was a camp for anyone with a disability having physical or mental challenges
They are people with Down syndrome
Cleft lips
People in wheelchairs and many others
They do not have to worry about whether someone will like him or her as a friend or not
At least not here
This camp was like a world separate from the other outside world like a short stay at home
I never felt more accepted in all my life

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