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Recreation Access: Research to Practice

Original Broadcast Date: June 20, 2002


This webcast is a collaborative program of the National Center on Accessibility and the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability.

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Part I: Introduction & NCA Customers
Introduction of Program & Guests Panelists by Jennifer Skulski. About the National Center on Accessibility with Gary Robb, Executive Director

Participation of People with Disabilities in the National Survey of Recreation and the Environment with Dr. Bryan McCormick, Assistant Professor at Indiana University

Part III: Trails
Trail Surface Research, Gary Robb

Part IV: Picnic Elements
Functional Aspects of Accessible Picnic Elements, Susan Ostby, Accessibility Specialist - NCA

Part V: Swimming Pools & Beaches
Swimming Pools: Considerations for Physical Access and Temporary Surfaces for Beach Access, Dr. Edward J. Hamilton, President & CEO Virginia Easter Seals

Part VI: Golf
Golf Research: For the Good of the Game, Gary Robb

Part VII: Visitors
Perceptions and Expectations of Visitors with Disabilities, Dr. Rachel Chen, Assistant Proffessor at the University of Tennessee

Part VIII: New Research
Preview of Current Research Projects: Playgrounds & Ticket Policies, Jennifer Skulski

Part IX: Q & A
Question and answer session with Panel and Closing Comments

Contact the National Center on Accessibility at nca@indiana.edu or (812)856-4422 (voice), (812)856-4421 (tty).

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