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Graduate Program

The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures offers MA and PhD degrees in Arabic, and supports additional languages such as Hebrew, Turkish, Persian, Kurdish and Ancient (Hieroglyphic) Egyptian and offers a full program of graduate courses falling generally within the following areas:

  • Arabic language, linguistics, and applied linguistics
  • Egyptology
  • Islamic Studies
  • Near Eastern Cultures and Civilizations
  • Near Eastern History & Politics
  • Near Eastern Literatures
  • Near Eastern Religions

For further information about the NELC Graduate Program, please see the following links:

Note to graduate applicants: The Indiana University Bloomington's institution code (1324) for all ETS scores can receive scores for all departments at IUB; there is no need for an additional departmental code. Please see the NELC Admissions page, the NELC Graduate Handbook or the NELC Graduate Bulletin for more specific information.

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